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I am so glad you're here! My name is Jaclynn, owner of this little studio. I provide classic fine art photography and museum quality print products for couples looking to find fun and peace on their wedding day. I specialize in low and difficult light scenarios, castles, and ballrooms. One day, I was photographing a Daddy Daughter Dance when some force spoke to me. It said, "Jaclynn. Would you trust ANYONE to stand in your shoes and be the one to document this moment." I knew the answer was "No.". 

You see, I had no guarantee that any photographer would put as much care into what I was doing as I knew I was in that moment. Some photogs care a whole lot...but I will only guarantee what  I know I feel for my couples and their families. From then on, the idea of someone else standing in my shoes was scary. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do what I do for your wedding day...because of how much I sincerely care and believe in the eternal value of the work I provide through this company.


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The New Studio...

I got the key!!! A little history: In 2016, "SJP" at the time,  moved into its first Commercial Studio. After 1 year the company had gone from an 11k part time gig to a 40k full time career in that little space. Our family had grown and we moved from a tiny apartment into a home with an office and parted with our first studio in Federal Way. It worked first. Then, babies turned into toddlers, turned into little boys and it became harder to focus at home!

I'm still using the Airbnb Office Model for long work weekends, but on the daily,  you'll find me here! This 160sq ft. stand alone studio will be set up for daily work, initial consults, album design, fine art printing up to 13" x19", shoot design, and 30 Day Priors! We're in Milton and I can't wait to fill this little space with big vision. 

A little history...

2015: SJP Was Born. I spent the year wanting to throw my laptop across the room and torch my camera as I learned the ins and outs of the digital photography world.
2016: I figured out a formula to book as many weddings as I wanted and got to work doing exactly that.
2017: ...I learned what it felt like to be OVERBOOKED OVERWORKED and UNDERVALUED. 
2018: I recovered from 2017. Started a few intensive photography classes. Photographed 23 weddings and learned what a comfortable schedule felt like for me and my family. I looked up from my laptop and noticed I wasn't in the "style" of photography I wanted to be in.
2019: Adjusting Vision & Storming the Fine Art Photography World. 

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