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My name is Jaclynn. Introduce yourself ON THIS PAGE after getting to know me a little! A few things to know about my studio worthy of being on the home page: We're a team of 3+ always but I'm always the lead photographer on set or at weddings. I'm a little "artist crazy" when I shoot because I want to capture something unique and amazing every time. My antics are always about OUR legacy, my art, and your love story. I don't love what I do. I'm obsessed with it. Literal obsession. I'm not afraid to say I strive to be one of the best wedding photographers in the world some day. I work every day to get closer to that goal.

This company launched on September 23, 2015. Since that day, I (and my team) have documented over 100 weddings and coordinated/directed well over 400 photo shoots. I don't niche in a certain kind of wedding or culture. I niche in meaningful relationships from allover the world. The Studio has experience with traditional and blended American, Pakistani, Indian, Islander, mixed racial, same sex, plus size, big height difference, Catholic, Protestant, Chinese, and Muslim weddings. I try to reflect that here on the site but know we've seen allot and we love it all! I can't wait to hear how you plan to celebrate love and help you document it fully.


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The Studio

In 2016, "SJP" at the time,  moved into its first Commercial Studio. After 1 year the company had gone from an 11k part time gig to a 40k full time career in that little space. Our family had grown and we moved from a tiny apartment into a home with an office and parted with our first studio in Federal Way. It worked well...at first. Then, babies turned into toddlers, turned into little boys and it became harder to focus at home! 2019 came "The Little Blue Studio" where we grew grew grew in a matter of five months...Then, we hosted The Studio's first Gallery Viewing! I fell in love with printing and we left The Little Blue Studio for a 900(ish) square foot Studio and Print Lab in Milton, Washington.

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A little history...

2015: SJP Was Born. I spent the year wanting to throw my laptop across the room and torch my camera as I learned the ins and outs of the digital photography world.
2016: I figured out a formula to book as many weddings as I wanted and got to work doing exactly that.
2017: ...I learned what it felt like to be OVERBOOKED OVERWORKED and UNDERVALUED. 
2018: I recovered from 2017. Started a few intensive photography classes. Photographed 23 weddings and learned what a comfortable schedule felt like for me and my family. I looked up from my laptop and noticed I wasn't in the "style" of photography I wanted to be in.
2019: I refocused on education. Became obsessed with light angles. I paid off tax debts acquired from a business that grew fast with a baby foundation. I added support to the company with an accountant, book keeper, editors, and an on-the-books employee who makes our lives SO much easier and organized. We wrapped up the year with The Studio's first gallery viewing celebrating 100 weddings photographed.
2020: I'm obsessed with physical print in a digital world. We're making changes fast to support the mission and art of physical print while booking up our 2020 wedding season! ♥ I'm zeroing in on entering international wedding photography competitions in 2021.

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I invite you to peruse and chill. Grab a glass of wine (is it noon yet?) or coffee and hit up the blog for insider posts from my family, bride tips, tips for photographers, me bearing my soul at all hours of the night through history. Heck, dive deep enough and you'll even find makeup tutorials! But if you're looking to get to what's relevant for you, click your territory, left or right!

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