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Anacortes Meadow Boudoir

“Pretend you’re a woman. Coming back to a place where you once were a girl. A place where you used to imagine life as an adult. Now you’re back. You’ve seen some shit. You’ve been through the fucking wringer. There have been relationships and hardships and blessings beyond belief. Diagnosis’, a baby that made you a mother, several jobs and homes down the road. You’re fierce. You’re experienced. This is a full circle moment. It’s real. Beautiful. Whole.”

We made a bouquet of wildflowers and followed our intuition as women and creators.

It’s easy for her to hide. So quick to defend. So quick to condemn. We are safe. She is whole. We are worthy of a beautiful life every second of every day just because we say we are.

It’s so easy to have portraits taken when society expects you to. Expectations set around documenting what they deem “monumental” in YOUR life.

But guess what.

Sometimes, the social norm moments to document aren’t the ones that mean the most to YOUR story.

Welcome to a new beginning set on a foundation of what can be a beautiful reality. You’ve got this, sis.

Anacortes Meadow Boudoir

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