Artist Search

Clynn and I are on an Artist Search! We are looking for an oil paint artist to paint over the image below.

Every now and again, I process an image that marks a pivotal moment for SJP. I don’t plan it, necessarily. These images just happen sometimes! Some day, I’ll do a blog post of all the images that just hit my soul for one reason or another. (There are currently 4-5).

This is the most recent one that will stick with my company for years to come. It marks the beginning of my journey from traditional to fine art.

The beginning of main stream photography to high end technical expert. (Ballsy, I know, but I did say “beginning of” ;))

I have a clearer vision of my technical potential than ever before starting with the capture and set-up of this image. So when I was contacted by a collector to possibly purchase the rights to the image (first time ever for SJP!), I went into protective mode something fierce. I set a high price tag he wouldn’t agree to but it will be available for purchase with SHARED commercial rights with royalties to SJP! Pretty rad.

I’m so excited to push forward. This year will seriously be insane.

Let me know if you know a great oil artist that may be interested in a project like this!


Artist Search

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