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Best Time of Our Lives



Gosh guys. Life has been so good to us. We find ourselves less worried about improving and more concerned with maintaining all we’ve built. I always hope we grow into better and better times. However, we’ve truly been having the best time of our lives this last year.

What’s different?

1.) Age of the kids. They’re a little older, and so much more kid than baby. James and Lio are now 3 & 4. James is fully potty trained and we still talk about how awesome it is a year after it happened. Lio is getting there! They are so much fun to be around most days. As predicted, I worry less about keeping them alive. They are learning more risk management every day!

2.) We spend more time pursuing individual dreams. I now have a 25 hour work week to focus on The Studio. I go to work Monday-Friday just like Clynn but for 5 hours at a time. He has been given an additional hour a day to pursue whatever he’d like. The boys have been able to work more on reading, writing, and math with their new nanny. I started playing the piano more. When we come together, there’s always something new to talk about!

3.) Home Employee! We love love love having Jay in our home! She’s our new nanny/home care taker and she makes our life easier times TEN BILLION. We spend less time thinking about laundry and tidying and more time focusing on eating healthy and spending time together as a family. If you can swing a home care taker/mother’s helper in any universe. DO IT.

4.) WE GO OUTSIDE. Whenever we get the chance. We haven’t yet slowed down on beach trips, forest runs, sitting on the hill in our backyard to watch a full moon or taking a Saturday evening to snuggle up by the river. Prioritizing spending time in base reality brings us so much joy and purpose. I hate being cold more than anyone you’ll ever meet…but I force myself to be cold sometimes. Human’s weren’t designed to be coddled. We are built to be uncomfortable sometimes. We are strong. I feel like I’m exercising that part of me when I sit outside in the fall/winter for 20 minutes to watch the moon.

That’s a pretty good recap on how we’re feeling and doing as a family lately! We feel great! We think it’s possible we’re having the best time of our lives. I’m getting to go shoot so much more with the new schedule. Clynn is happy in his new(ish) position at work as a Project Coordinator. James is gearing up to start dance soon. Once James is rolling on dance I’ll be looking at getting Lio into Karate or swim.

Here are a few shots from a date night the other night. Clynn likes to photograph women as tall and strong. You’ll rarely find him shooting from above.

When I titled this post, I think of it as a time we’ll look back on when we’re 80. I think these next couple decades will truly blow us away. We’re here for it. We’re showing up. We can’t wait to see what the future holds but now more than ever before, we’re happy and hope to just be.

Best Time of Our Lives

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  1. Maranda M Norton says:

    I’m so happy that you’re focusing on family right now and finding that nice balance. That’s something I struggle with working 40 hours a week and only having a couple hours a day with my baby. New goal, to get out and enjoy more.


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