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Best Wedding Photographer

Check it out, guys!! Business Hall of Fame, 2 years in a row, Best Federal Way Wedding Photographer!!!

Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who nominated or voted for The Studio & Print Lab, AGAIN! I honestly do not know how I get this award. I am just told that I was “nominated by the community and won”. Pretty cool.

Here is the post from last year!

When I shared the news of this award with my family, I let them know I’m coming for Tacoma & Seattle next. Less than a week later, I was on the phone with a rep from Seattle Bride Magazine inviting me to be a part of their community! That puts The Studio & Print Lab one step closer to Best of Seattle. SO EXCITING!!!

On a side note: Yes, I am VERY tan this summer. It’s no editing trick. I’ve been soaking up every minute of sun I can get. The fam and I are working towards a nomadic lifestyle so we’ve spent so much time adventuring!!!

Yes, I did cut my hair! The ends were so done after my last color treatment. It feels so much healthier!

Yes, I do wear these American Eagle shorts every day…every summer…for the last five years. Sue me. When I have an assistant, he/she can order me a new pair. I got shit to do. Like work really hard so I can be nominated for epic awards. 😉 THANK YOU, AGAIN!!!

Sincerely, Jaclynn

Best Wedding Photographer

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