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Here is a break down of the new blog schedule! Take note of topics that interest you, check in every day, or just come by when you love the topic!

As many of you know, I took several huge steps back from social media to focus more on what is working for The Studio. Pinterest, Blogging, Dense Education, and More Shooting!

I am training myself to be more focused and a little less all over the place. Who couldn’t use more of that, right?! I quickly noticed how much more time I have after eliminating the distraction of social media, so here I am!

The blog schedule was not forced. It came very organically. A combination of my EARLY blogging days (circa 2011), my personal curriculum in continuing education, serving my brides, and perfecting my craft as a business owner, employer, and photographer.

Monday: Recent Work

On Mondays, I’ll share my latest work. Portraits, Engagements, Families, Maternity, Commercial, etc.

Tuesday: Personal

You guys KNOW I love to get way too personal here. On Tuesdays, I’ll share my latest mental/emotional breakthroughs, Wilkinson Updates (on my fam adventures), and anything I feel like writing about.

Research Wednesday

This already started! Check out THIS POST to get an idea of what these will look like. I will pick a topic in photography and dive hard. I’ll spend a few hours learning everything I can about that one thing and write down what I find.

Thursday: Recent Work

I shoot allot so we needed two days for this! Sometimes, I share past projects that never made it to the blog, as well.

Friday: Inspirational People

The main focus will be photographers through history but I also love learning from and about any industry leader.

Saturday: Weddings Photographed

Could have been yesterday or three years ago from the archives. I’ll always blog a real wedding on Saturday.

Sunday: My Favs.

Another wedding vendor, Airbnb’s I’ve stayed at, restaurants I’m obsessed with, I’ll document and share a review every Sunday!

I can’t wait to start the new blog schedule!! Actually, it’s already up and running!

I hope you all love this structure as much as I do. Looking forward to serving every one with great content while focusing in on my education as well!

Great things to come!

Sincerely, Jaclynn

Blog Schedule

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