Valentine’s Day 2020

Every year the week of Valentine’s Day the boys and I do a Valentine’s Day photoshoot! I’ll do a little round up of previous shoots in another blog post another time but here are our Mom & Me V-Day photos 2020!!! This day, we did five different shoots in the studio! It was busy and […]

February 14, 2020


Wilkinson Thanksgiving

Wilkinson Thanksgiving 2019 was mine and Clynn’s absolute favorite Thanksgiving yet. I had photo-shoots scheduled for the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. Traveling to family would have made for lots of driving in one day. This would result in not allot of time with family in between. We have local family we could […]

December 30, 2019


Pirate Weekend

This Pirate Weekend mini-vacation idea was planted about a year ago when I ran into THIS AIRBNB listing while looking for work retreat locations. Clynn laughed when I said, “I’ve wanted to take the boys here for a year!”. Such a simple fun vacation and we definitely could have done it sooner! The boys were […]

December 15, 2019


Clynn’s off to Vegas!

For the last couple years, Clynn and I have taken 4-6 days to head down to Vegas. This time, I’m staying home and Clynn’s off to Vegas for his fourth year in a row! I’m a little bummed. For the last couple years we used this time to reflect on our lives, our goals, where […]

August 22, 2019


Diving Back In

Clynn and I are back from our second weekend at Sheep Lake and Diving Back In to August wedding season! We intentionally blocked off two weekends in a row for some time in the mountains/vacationing. What we didn’t plan on was there being no moon the first trip we made. Clynn had a specific shot […]

August 7, 2019


Let’s Catch Up!

Good morning friends & blog perusers! We are in the thick of wedding season and it has been too long since I hopped in here to say hi to everyone cheering this little studio on. Last week was a fun and busy one! We photographed three weddings in six days. It was so much fun […]

July 22, 2019


Independence Day 2019

After spending an hour first thing in the morning catching up on emails, Clynn let me know I was taking the day off. (Love that.) I later found out he had scheduled days off and summer vacations around weddings in my planner that morning! I’m so happy he did. I always mean to schedule in […]

July 5, 2019


A Letter to Jamie-Boy

Oh boy, I felt the travel bug this morning. You boys are keeping me…tired lately. I know I have some internal work to do but I feel like I need a vacation every day around…well this morning 9:00am but usually around noon…. I love you so stinking much. I can’t wait for you to be […]

July 3, 2019


Stonehenge Washington

Clynn and I had heard about the Stonehenge replica in Eastern Washington. That was all we knew about it when we stuck it on our bucket list. What we didn’t know, was that it is also a World War I Memorial Site. Inscribed on plaques mounted to the concrete are soldiers who were residents of […]

June 18, 2019


Four Year Old Birthday

The night before James Four Year Old Birthday Party he went to bed more willing than ever before. “Your birthday will come faster if you fall asleep!” Clynn said. That’s all it took. He was SO excited. After he changed out if his day clothes all by himself and came into my office to say […]

February 25, 2019