Bold. fun. snuggly.

For images that pack a punch and invite you to linger longer.

I believe beautiful wedding images have the ability to support loving marriages through life's ups downs & all arounds. ♥

CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you've landed here you have likely found the perfect wedding photography studio to document the best day ever.

If you go through this page and are STILL excited to work with me, we're probably a PERFECT fit!

Read every detail, and be sure to let me know when you reach out. If you can't wait to talk to me, I can't wait to meet you!


are we a good fit?

Studio Promises

24 hour

I aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. If I'm on vacation, I leave a blog post here on the site to let you know when I'll be back as well as notify you via the monthly studio newsletter!


Have you read the "five love languages"? I'm touch and most of my
couples are too!
That's reflected in my work. ♥
I'm all about hugs, smooches, hand holding, etc.


Enjoy a collection of images RIGHT AWAY in your 48 hour "Preview Gallery"! You will receive ALL of your wedding images by your one month wedding anniversary.


I love working in low light scenarios. I use flash photography often but always stay as conspicuous as possible by keeping my gear in a far corner of the party.


The Studio will help you build a professional timeline to share with bridal party and vendors. I'll help you feel organized and confident so you can relax and make beautiful memories on
your wedding day.


I despise showing up to weddings a stranger to the couple. We will be spending so much time near one another on your wedding day. We must meet for coffee about 30 days before the big day. Share your love story, and I'll share mine! 

want more?

Maybe you don't have a wedding planner or want your vendor team united. If my calendar allows, I'm always happy to attend venue walk throughs and rehearsal dinners. Let's compare schedules if you'd like me there!

Off-Beat or traditional?

I honestly don't care and can genuinely serve both the traditional or off-beat couple. The most important thing to me, is that you plan to

full coverage

All of my wedding collections include full desired day of coverage AND a second shooter to capture alternate angles throughout your wedding day. We typically document 6-12 hours depending on the couple's needs.

Let's be kind.

If there's ever an issue I ALWAYS want to make it right quickly and kindly! Passive-aggressive couples aren't welcome here. I strive to be the best person I can be, and I hope you do, too! ♥


I have photographed weddings in Washington, Oregon, & Utah! I am always happy to travel somewhere new! 60 miles round trip are complimentary. Each additional mile of travel will be billed at $0.60/mile if driving and flight arrangements may be made by me or the couple if flying. A flat hotel rate of $150/night needed for locations 3+ hours away from my hometown of Edgewood, Washington. Contact for more details!

Do you travel?

how many hours of coverage will The Studio provide?

what about engagement photos?

does The studio offer family photography?

Each Studio Wedding Collection includes "full desired wedding day coverage". This is because I truly love documenting a wedding day from beginning to end. If you do not wish to have a photographer present for the full day, I will be there whenever you would like! However, less coverage does not change the price of any package. 

Do You Travel?

How many hours of coverage will the studio provide?

what about engagement photos?

does sjp offer family photography?

Do you travel?

How many hours of coverage will The Studio provide?

What about Engagement Photos?

does the studio offer family photography?

All wedding "collections" (3200+) include an engagement session! The Studio will not give discounts for not needing an engagement session. This is a part of the experience and acts as a dress rehearsal for your wedding day portraits! If you already had engagement photos taken, I recommend planning for another set after the turn of a new season in preparation for your wedding day! If you book hourly/A La Carte Coverage, engagement session -- $300

do you travel?

how many hours of coverage will the studio provide?

what about engagement photos?

Does the studio offer family photography?

I offer family sessions twice a year! Once near Thanksgiving in November, and once near Mother's Day in May. If you are interested in booking a family session on the upcoming schedule,  CONTACT me and I will send over the documents to reserve your slot!
($300, 40 minute time slot, 35 Images + Black and white conversion 70 files total, 6x6 hard cover 20 page album.)

Our couples

plans to "let go" on their wedding day!

our couples

are focused on love!

our couples

aren't afraid to get the dress dirty

our couples

can't wait to display images in their home!

our couples

Crave bold vibrant color

our couples

love timeless 
Black & white

chapter 1.


Reach out and see if your wedding date is available! Let me know a little about your wedding, venue, love story, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

I'd love to have you swing by my studio in Milton if you'd like to meet me and peruse album samples.
I'm there working and available most weekdays 5:00pm-9:00pm.

When you're ready, let me know you'd like to review booking documents! I'll send your second proposal (see what I did there ;) and retainer invoice. 

Email me or meet with me in person if you have any questions or concerns. Once the Agreement & Retainer have been submitted, you're officially one of my couples and I CAN'T WAIT TO SERVE YOU! ♥

chapter 2.

engagement Session

When booking from "Collections" 3200+ or a la carte 300
unless otherwise specified

Think of it as a dress rehearsal for wedding day portraits and a fun break from planning!

Immediately after booking documents are complete, I will send over my studio's Engagement Session Style Guide. This guide is designed to help you plan what to wear and how to prepare! 

Together, we select a location. I love when my couples have a special place in mind that holds significance in their relationship but have a list of beautiful locations ready to go for you to choose from as well! After our session, the location will become a special one. I hope you revisit on anniversaries or date nights!

Plan a dinner date! You're already dressed up. Take the evening to connect. Wedding planning can be stressful. Promise me you'll unplug and love on each other for an evening! ♥

Receive your completed engagement gallery 14 days following our session. 

chapter 3.

30 day prior

30 day prior consults are my favorite part of our time together before the wedding! 

We meet up approximately 40-20 days before your wedding day. If you're living in another state or far distance from my studio, we'll Facetime or do a video call! I've conducted these meetings even 24 hours before a wedding for my couples out of country! 

During this time, we create/finalize your wedding day timeline with portraits, light, and your perfect day in mind. 

You will review album samples and I will fill you in on all things album design! You'll touch the paper and cover options and see the Giclèe difference in person. 

I'll make you a lattè. I'll ask to see a photo of THE DRESS!!! We'll address any last minute questions. You'll leave confident and ready to enjoy your last few weeks as fiancée & fiancè(e)!!!

chapter 4.

the wedding!!!

It's your wedding day!!!

It's time to UNWIND & HAVE FUN!
When you let go with the people you love, the best memories will follow. You picked your bridal party, carefully selected your vendors and photographer, it's time to have the best day ever!

Don't worry about only having tagged guest photos after the wedding. My studio will have a preview gallery to your inbox within 48 hours to change your profile photo, gush about the amazing day, and relive how you felt as you wait for your completed gallery.

Receive your completed wedding gallery by your one month wedding anniversary! Choose between high resolution downloads for print, and web resolution downloads for screen sharing. Enjoy unlimited downloads to share with friends and family right away! 

chapter 5.

your wedding album

when booking from collections 3200+ or a la carte 150+
unless otherwise specified.

This. The Completed Wedding Album. It is the pinnacle of what I do as your wedding photographer and as an artist. 

This day in age, digital files are non archival. It's sad but TRUE. They are corruptible. Also, they aren't real. They're a concept. Not a physical object. My work is not complete until I see you holding something in your hands. 

Your Archival wedding Album and very possibly, your first heirloom as a new family.

You will select your favorite images from your completed wedding gallery to be designed into your wedding album. I design it to flow beautifully and chronologically to tell a visual story of your wedding day beginning to end. 

When it is complete, I can have it delivered to your home address, or you can come pop a bottle of champagne with me at my studio and I'll hand it to you in person! ♥

Currently booking Winter 2020 through winter 2022


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