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Do NOT order from an MLM if…



I hope every one who orders from an MLM remembers TWO things. #1. Ordering from a small business DIRECTLY helps families in their homes. #2. It is CRUCIAL that you are EXCITED about your order. If you order anything from an MLM with the complete thought of “helping them out” and not because you want what you purchased, you are HURTING the industry and (long term) not helping your friend AT ALL.

It is these sorts of purchases that put a bad taste in people’s mouth when they think of MLM’s. You remember making a donation in a tight spot for someone you love…but not a mission you believe in. The process only works if you truly WANT what we have to offer.

You are not “helping your friend” ANY MORE than you are “helping Target” when you shop at their store. If you want what you bought at Target and don’t want what you bought from us, you helped Target SOOOO much more.

Imagine this conversation:
“OH! I see you bought _____ From _____. Do you love it?!”
“I only bought it because I felt bad and she’s working so hard.”
“Oh….Yeah, I’ve done that from MLM owners, too.”

“Your door mat is so cute!”
“Thank you!!! I got it at Target!!”
“Uuugghhh, I LOVE TARGET!!!”

SEE MY POINT??? That first conversation should have NEVER HAPPENED. It hurt us SO MUCH MORE than helped.

A good MLM owner wants to make a difference in your life. Not take your money.

THANK YOU to every one who has tried the makeup, and NOT ordered because they weren’t in love or not in love yet. I don’t believe any one thing is right for EVERYONE.

A proud MLM Distributor who is wildly in love with what she has to offer and thinks it could change your life like it changed mine. I have a “real” job, too. I REALLY don’t want your pitty bucks. EVER. 

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