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Edgewood Family Photojournalism



These are the images from Day 1 of my second 7 days of photojournalism challenge. I’m titling this, Edgewood Family Photojournalism. This is my family. Someday, in the not so distant future, we might not live in Edgewood anymore. We will look back on our time at “the little brown house” so fondly. I can really feel, these are some of the best days.

If I had things my way, this is how I would do all family and engagement photography.

I would be hired for the day, maybe two days, To stay with a family and photograph life as it is in your homes. I find these images so meaningful and true. Yes, the first 5 hours would be weird. Everyone would be camera aware. But after that wears off? Magic.

As I feel more and more called to photojournalism, my family has gotten used to me carrying a camera around. Clynn freaking loves it. James loves it. Lio….Eeeeehhhh. I’ll be honest in saying he’s the only one who ever asks me to stop. I always do, though. I stop when he asks and he definitely enjoys having his photo taken 50% of the time.

As I’ve left Facebook and pulled back from Instagram, I’ve been able to embrace my reality in the most beautiful ways.

A dirty window, window ledge, kids play area….I don’t think it’s gross anymore. It’s my season of life with two little boys and two full time working parents pursing a life they love madly. I’ve come to embrace it all and only edit mess if I find it distracting to an image rather than contributing to an honest story.

Welcome to my home. Welcome to our perfect mess.

Edgewood Family Photojournalism

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