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Storm Watching | Federal Way Photographer

Having operated my first commercial location out of Federal Way as a Federal Way Photographer, that’s where most people find me from…even though I haven’t lived there in about eight years. There is something about this city that calls to me. I don’t know why. It’s mostly a pretty ghetto town….but I feel like every little diamond in the rough within a reasonable distance from me is here. Out of all the places I’ve lived, Federal Way was probably the shortest at just a few months before Clynn took over my apartment and I moved into his childhood bedroom (we were engaged at the time) because living there alone was just too sketchy…that being said I know it has its nice areas too. I find myself headed that direction several times a week. Target, Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx, Ma Boulangerie (My fav local bakery!), the prettiest and cleanest downtown park for the boys, and ofcourse, this beach. Clynn and I actually thought this beach was in Federal Way the whole time but I just looked it up after writing all that and it’s in Des Moines. **FACEPALM–I’m going with it.

We LOVE Redondo Beach. There are usually scuba divers coming out of the water, its small which means allot to see and not too far to walk. This beach was where I took my very first set of photos that I shared as a professional photographer and was later featured in a Labor Day add with Sweet ‘N Swag that boosted my confidence (for the first time!) and had me diving in head first! It was Jamie’s first time to “The Beach” Ever and he was wearing a puppy hat very similar to Leo’s here and little yellow moccasins. ♥

This day was no less special. We watched a storm roll in while eating our packed PB&J’s and “Monkey Food” (plantain chips). Jamie ran up and down the beach; looking in drainage holes, and pointing out the seagulls. Leo sat and was carried mostly as he couldn’t walk on the rocks in his rainboots (though I don’t know if I can blame it on the boots) very well quiet yet. He didn’t mind but was definitely the one to call it when he was ready to head out. He loved the scuba divers and throwing rocks into the water.

We made it back to the car just in time as the storm hit the shore and oh boy did it dump!

Jamie had been asking to go to the beach all winter and we just kept saying, “No, we don’t go to the beach in the winter!”. Well….don’t discount it completely, friends. The fresh air was cleansing and the sights priceless. A little trip, is so much better than no trip at all.


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