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Fresh Day Designer

I FINALLY ordered a Fresh Day Designer. Aaaahhh

I have been a loyal fan of The Day Designer for a few years now. I aim to get a new one every six months but this cycle, it was put off an extra few months because my schedule kept changing so much.

We were crossing out and rescheduling appointments left and right so I decided to wait until the rescheduling calmed down to order my next one. (If you’re reading this in the distant future it’s because there is a supposed global pandemic going on…)

I think the rescheduling has finally calmed down. A sigh of relief for both me and engaged couples EVERYWHERE! 

As the economy begins to reopen, I am focusing in on my remaining 2020 couples. I am so excited to serve them with every ounce of artistic ability I have to give. Clynn and I are grateful to have a more open summer than usual combined with our remaining 15 or so weddings! 

We are open to any last minute bookings this summer as plans have been all over the place for everyone! Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in having me/us document your last minute wedding. As long as we don’t have a summer trip planned/already have a wedding that day, I/we’ll be there!! 

You may be thinking, “Why is this lady dedicating an entire blog post to her planner?”…well…welcome to my world and one of the first things people who “know me” know about me. My Day Designers are the first place I go EVERY DAY. If I came to your house for longer than an hour…I probably set my planner on your counter and referred to it ten times. If you didn’t see it, it was in my bag by the door. This thing comes with me EVERY WHERE.

I am so obsessed, Clynn asked if I wanted to start developing my own planners. I laughed. “No. Because if I designed my own planner it would be EXACTLY like Day Designers….they did everything perfect. I wouldn’t change anything…if I made my own planners, I would still use a Day Designer.”

Would I recommend YOU buy one? Probably not. Unless you’re a crazy planner lady like me. Day Designer is probably one of the most expensive planner lines in the market. If you’re not going to use it, don’t buy it. Before I ordered my first real one, I purchased one from their cheaper line at Target to prove I would use it. Turns out, it was THE PERFECT lay out for the way I think. If you like to write…allot, this is a great planner for you!

It feels like a brand new chapter of life and a fresh start every time I start a new one. 🥰

If I could champagne toast my new planner with everyone who reads this, I would. 🥂 

Cheers to the second half of 2020!

Fresh Day Designer

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