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Home Sweet Home



Ohhh my goodness. Home Sweet Home. For just a moment.

I am SO CLOSE to a more relaxing chapter in life and it seems every corner shows a few more days of hustle. You been there? Tell me I’ll make it. Optimists to the front, please.

After many “little” delays in the airport last night, bestie and I finally made it home from a long beautiful and emotional trip to Michigan. I’m so happy we could make the trip happen but oof. My body sore and tired and ready for a regular Jackie-Day.

Today, I have about an hour to check in, catch up on emails, drink a couple mint chip lattes, and head south for kiddo errands. School drop off for one kiddo, docs apt for another, grocery shopping, Storage unit run, pay some bills, meet girlfriend for dinner at home, sleep, take kiddos to school, and a long day of work at the Cafe!

My last day was supposed to be last week. One of the owners, someone I haven’t always clicked with, came to me on my second to last shift. He said, “We need you.” I said, “Thank you, that’s sweet.” He goes, “No really. I tried to make the schedule without you. It’s impossible. What can we do?” I told him to draw up the schedule with me as little as possible, but long days on the days he did need me so it would be worth the drive. He added just two more shifts, and I approved the change. They are a lovely family ran restaurant in Covington, Washington. It’s a wild work culture as they get a grasp on a quickly growing company, but they really put their heart into that place.

To anyone wondering if blogging still work, IT DOES. I’ve been building this blog with the consistency and direction of a baby bunny in an open field for the last nine years. I forget about it for a handful of months. The inquiries slow. I blog a few times in a week, and they come trickling in nearly instantly. Doesn’t even matter what I blog about. From zero to about 2 a day right now. We’ll be filling up that 2025 calendar in no time!

If you are a long-time client checking in, reach out! Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated these days. Just a few more days of hustle, my friends. Almost Summer Mommas. We got this.

Home Sweet Home

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