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Independence Day 2019

After spending an hour first thing in the morning catching up on emails, Clynn let me know I was taking the day off. (Love that.) I later found out he had scheduled days off and summer vacations around weddings in my planner that morning! I’m so happy he did.

I always mean to schedule in family days, but it’s hard when I’m always talking to several people considering certain dates. I want to wait until couples have decided if they’re booking or not to finalize my own schedule but I’m learning that time never really comes. Then, I’m too booked to make it happen. Diving in and getting it in there before contracts are signed is the best call if we don’t get to setting aside dates in the winter!

We met Clynn’s Mom, Sister, Fiancè, and soon-to-be step son at Les Gove Park in Auburn, Washington. They do a massive city celebration for the 4th with bouncy castles, a couple circus style rides, pony rides, mini train rides, face painting, tons of food trucks, and a circus act. Clynn and I take some time getting comfortable in large unorganized groups, but we stuck it out for the kiddos! They had such a blast.

Leo LOVED the pony rides. His excitement and smiles were absolutely contagious.

I think James’ favorite was the bouncy castles and train ride.

Afterwards, we went over to Clynn’s parent’s for a BBQ. They watched the boys while Clynn and I went on a mini-date to the firework stand and for coffee. We joked about his time working at the same firework stand when he was a teenager. He still knew one of the employees there and they laughed and caught up.

When we got back to our little brown house the neighbors invited the boys over for smore’s and we took turns in the cul de sac lighting off fireworks.

It’s so fun having the boys finally remember holidays and what we do on them. James had so much fun. Leo was exhausted half way through but had a blast, too.

Honestly, Clynn and I aren’t the most patriotic people you will meet after learning more about freedoms in other countries, the way our police are trained to talk around your rights, my time in the military, a few E.R. visits, experiencing running a small business here, and learning land laws for building our future home….BUT, we are huge advocates of Independence. Our freaky strong desires for obtaining it has gotten us in trouble since we were basically walking. We’re teaching our kiddos about the end of a war in history, and about celebrating and seeking our own unique versions of Independence, no matter what that means to you or what you need to do to express and find it…even if it means leaving the U.S. ♥

Happy Independence Day! A day we celebrate Independence and remember an initial fight and concept of the American Dream.

Sincerely, The Wilkinson III Family

Independence Day 2019

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