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International Transgender Day of Visibility



Today, March 31st, is International Transgender Day of Visibility. I wanted to write this post today to say here, we see you. The Transgender Community is 100% welcome at The Studio & Print Lab. Here, we cherish and celebrate every way of life so long as you feel aligned in yours.

My family will never understand what you’ve been through in today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s society. We will never know what any one person has been through. Even within your own culture and community. You will never REALLY know…you’ll just be a little closer to knowing. Maybe.

However, we find a source of empathy for communities that go against what is expected in our lifestyle as Gypsy & Rom. For five months, my family has been on the road with no intention to sign a lease, buy a house, or have a “job” in the traditional sense, any time soon. We make our primary income in perfectly legal, though unorthodox ways that require us to be on the move. Our religious family thinks we are sinners and pray for us to “rejoin the fold” daily. I do not know. But I have a clear source of empathy when it comes to following who you were born to be…and being met with social punishment.

We love you. We celebrate your way of life. I encourage every one to seek their truth and follow it relentlessly. Any path that leads to YOUR alignment is our belief to support with love, print, and photography.

I do not know when I’ve said something offensive. It is also my belief that every statement can be contradicted. We are sorry if this post offends any one in the Transgender Community. I just know hurt communities will often not seek services where they have not been explicitly told they are welcome.

I want you to know our door is open and we are willing to learn, with humble hearts, how to best serve you, your partner, and your families. ♥

Sincerely, Jaclynn Clynn & Augustus.

Photo Pulled from Pinterest. Original Link HERE. Uploaded by Ali Sophie.

International Transgender Day of Visibility

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