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Labor Day 2020

Labor Day 2020…A day we celebrate working people by giving them the day off? Weird.

Sorry, don’t get it. It’s one of my biggest luxuries in life that I don’t get it. I don’t want to. To me, that would be like celebrating Mother’s Day by not talking to your Mom or kids all day.

Labor Day should be a day the office is catered. Preferably by Blue Ribbon Catering (shameless plug for the most amazing charcuterie spreads. ;)) Champagne with your workmates, and setting intentions as a team for an epic year of goal crushing while possibly accomplishing something on Labor Day you hadn’t accomplished as a team, yet.

Extra labor. That’s what should happen on Labor Day.

 It should be the most fun day to go to work. A day you wouldn’t want to miss because you love what you do.

When I was 13, I heard a talk in church that resonated with me more than anything I ever learned in that chapel. A red haired man said, “Find work that sets your hair on fire.” No one laughed but they could have.

His talk was about the importance of finding work you’re wildly passionate about. I saw right through this guys words into a future that meant life or death to me.

If you’re not on the same page, I challenge you this: Practice your “worst case scenario” to drop everything you have and start over on what you really want to do. Everyone is different, but it might be worth it. 

Labor Day 2020

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