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I was recently challenged to 16 makeovers. The challenge presented 16 traits women often have that contribute uniqueness to their makeup routines. At first, I was not excited about in person makeovers. I simply loved the makeup and was happy to share online. I went through a few self-discovery exercises and my mindset shifted. I decided to trust my team and go for it! If this was what they recommend I do, I would do it. After all, I joined a team for camaraderie right? I needed to participate.

I am currently three makeovers in and already excited for more! Teaching women simple makeup techniques has been so rewarding.

The appeal may be that I am not a professional makeup artist. I am an every day mom and a busy entrepreneur. I am learning to do something most of us attempt to do every day. I love sharing what I do know and am always trying to improve my repertoire. When the women in my chairs know this, I can’t wait to get started.

Breanna is my “Red Hair” challenge model. Red heads often have fair skin, unique skin tones, freckles, and are already working with allot of color. Breanna is a professional hair and makeup artist and owner of Love Your Haiir Co. I met her photographing my first solo wedding! She was a bridesmaid and had done all the hair and makeup for the girls. We connected and began swapping photos for my own hair appointments! Since then, we have become great friends and supporters of each others work in the wedding industry.

Thanks to our friendship and Bree’s savvy, I had so much to learn during this makeover. We went slow. I had her critique every step along the way. She was patient and gave wonderful feedback. Most of my makeovers will be women not so familiar with makeup or technique. In those cases, I feel I have a ton to offer! In this case, the role was reversed.

My favorite thing about this makeover was her eye shadow. Before picking up a few tips, my colors would appear muddy. I had trouble blending while also keeping the colors separate. By adjusting placement slightly and being more patient with blending, I no longer fear bold colors!

I chose Sandstone for her lips. This lip and cheek color is one of my favorites. Especially for Fall! A couple of colors I chose for eyes were Mi Hija (proceeds go to support foster care!) and Bubba. For cheeks I started with Sandstone and later added Pink Grapefruit over the top. This added a little more pop and a touch of her natural flush color. I love brightening fair T-Zones with Linen. I used Olive for contour and brow color. It was amazing how closely Olive matched her usual brow pencil!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Bree! I feel so much more confident continuing in person makeovers.

A few tips I picked up:

  • Pinks are best for hazel eyes! (I had always heard purples so I loved picking up something new!)
  • Consider the natural pigment in someones lips while picking out a lip color. I’ve always considered skin tone but not actual lip tone. Bree has very pink lips naturally, so a PINK lip color would have been doubly pink! My lips have almost a magenta/purple hue to them so lip colors like Black Cherry or Ruby pull even more dramatic on me specifically.
  • When you’ve finished filling in your eyebrows, go in with a little of your foundation color on a thin brush and line the shape of your brow. Blend outward. This will keep your brow line sharp and clean. (I’ll give an example of this on live video in my facebook group soon!)

Scroll down and check out the challenge list! If one of the traits applies to you, send me a message and we can set up an appointment. I have girls coming every Thursday night through October!

Makeup for Redheads

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