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The gist is this: Jackie Land is a metaphorical, though real to me land, where I process and heal from this Earthly life.

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Jackie Land?


Often reside in Jackie Land to include betrayal processing, encouragement, self lead joy, inspiration, and lessons in existence.

My Deepest Reflections


I hope Jackie Land inspires others to explore their own "Mountain". Dive deep and explore more than "your why" but your how, when, where, and what.



Comment on paragraphs that may remind you of something similar you feel or what the writing has helped you realize.



I know I'll need tough skin at times, but I look forward to seeing "Jackie Land" grow as I do and inspire more self awareness in all.

Let's Develop Together

I'm not here to sell you anything except making big decisions for yourself and choosing conciousness.

Support this creator & carve out reading time to explore yourself.

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From epiphanies, breakdowns, highest highs, and lowest poems, I process through writing. Here are a few of my biggest life lessons that may inspire your own.

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