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Hi, there! I thought I’d hop in for today’s blog post and do a little studio update. We are working on establishing consistent Milton Studio Hours.

Every day, hundreds (maybe thousands) of cars drive by The Studio and dozens (possibly 100 or so) pedestrians walk right past my front door. Many even pause and stare at me without knowing it to see if they can see what’s inside. hahaha, it took me weeks to figure out they can’t see in nearly as well as I can see out my white curtains. I had no clue how busy this area was when I rented the studio!

With the company making shifts left and right for “the new world” we’re working on a change that might not make sense…at first.

We’re preparing to open the doors to more public!

Since I moved in January 2020, I’ve only invited my current clients, past clients, friends, and family to The Studio & Print Lab. We are just weeks away from ordering a sign for out front and encouraging walk-ins and in-person print appointments!!!

Before a sign is put out front, there will be some changes happening in here. The back room is being transformed into a changing/family/staging room to accommodate more in-studio work with families, seniors, and babies.

Weddings are still going strong, but as big weddings transition into intimate ones, I find myself with more room for small portrait sessions!

Before I announced the hours, I wanted to give them a try first. I’m happy to share, after a few weeks of maintaining this structure, I am in the studio pretty reliably between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but you can almost always find me here Mon-Fri 5-7!

Monday through Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm

I figure this works well for people stopping in on their way home from work or enjoying their evening walk on the nature trail that neighbors us.

I still recommend shooting me an email to schedule an appointment to come by to be 100% sure! But if you live in the area and it’s no trouble to swing by, that’s when you’re most likely to find me here!

I’m looking forward to sharing the changes that will happen in this main room over the remainder of 2020 leading into 2021!! However, here is a quick update of how things typically look mid-work-day for me. 🙂

Hoping to see you in for a print meeting or portrait session, soon!

Sincerely, Jaclynn

Milton Studio Hours

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