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My Little White House | Bryant Maternity



My Little White House had been on my photo location bucket list for nearly a year! I literally did a squeal dance in my office when I received the email that Shelbi and Aaron wanted to book it for their maternity portraits! The studio went above and beyond expectations with the prettiest garden setting and so many fun unique details.

Unexpectedly, Aaron was called into a military school the last month of Shelbi’s pregnancy, which hasn’t been the easiest or healthiest being her fourth and final baby. We moved up Shelbi’s maternity session a full month to be sure Aaron would be a part of such a special experience. Luckily, he found out he wouldn’t have to leave just a day or two before our shoot but having reserved the studio, we went ahead and shot anyways!

Aaron and Shelbi drove all the way from Olympia to Seattle for this dreamy whimsical location. Together they have three (almost four!) kiddos and a cute black kitty. They’ve been together longer than any other couple my age I know and still act newly engaged…no. BETTER. Seasoned BEST FRIENDS and clearly lovers. ♥ Their banter and interactions were so familiar, hilarious, natural, and genuine. Both Tonya and I felt the love and were so excited to be a part of documenting this love story.

And now, Tonya!!! She was our AMAZING florist turned 2018 SJP Preferred Vendor! Tonya owns and operates Berge’s Blooms out of Tacoma, Washington. Every step of working with her was effortless and beautiful! She shows up early and goes above and beyond with her beautiful pieces. She even let Shelbi know how to get the most use out of her floral necklace by replanting the succulents! What a beautiful living keepsake! She is up to date on the latest bridal and editorial trends, offers seasonal flower delivery subscriptions to Puyallup & Tacoma residents, and oh boy does she have an eye for texture and color combinations! We are so excited to be partnering with her on future projects as well, so keep an eye out! Her ideal portrait clients are those looking to have small, intimate weddings. Especially, mountainesque elopements!!! Everything colorful (except glowing Shelbi, ofcourse) in the Little White House and in the vintage outdoor setting are compliments of Berge’s Blooms.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who the heck was on hair and makeup for this shoot. I ALWAYS recommend professional hair and makeup to my couples but Shelbi’s hobbyist sister showed up in a BIG way and we’re all trying to convince her to go pro. Comment below and let Kymberly Faye know you need her card when she’s ready! 😉

Now scroll through and enjoy this beautiful collaboration of love for Shelbi and Aaron! ♥ Check out the accounts of our vendors and let me know your favorite detail below!!!

Berge’s Blooms: INSTA, FB, WB

My Little White House: INSTAWB

Sincerely Jaclynn Photography: INSTA, FB, WB


My Little White House | Maternity

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  1. Jenna says:

    I can’t get over that floral necklace, Shelbi’s perfect lashes, and Aaron’s classy suspenders!

  2. Ashley says:

    These are so AMAZING!!! I can’t wait for my maternity session!!!


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