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Olympia Courthouse Elopement

A Back-Blog from Flora & Christian’s late night Olympia Courthouse Elopement.

This last week I’ve booked two and had at least four inquiries for elopements! Doing so had me recalling the few elopements I’ve done in the past.

I love weddings of all sizes! From elopements, to intimate ceremony’s of 20. From standard 100 to large 200+ guest counts. They each come with their own pros. ♥

By the time Clynn and I got to the courthouse it was already dark! We figured they must have a hook up with the judge because it appeared as if the entire building were closed for the night. It was so romantic and the vibe was very elope-y!

I love that their family dressed up for their elopement! If you haven’t, hop on over to THIS BLOG POST where I talk about the do’s and don’ts of eloping. Flora and Christian were definitely some inspiration for that post. I love that they still made the occasion so beautiful and memorable for their family.

My favorite memory from this day was Christian ensuring he had the full support of his new kiddos. During the ceremony, he asked each son and daughter if they “Do, Too”. They were married as a family. I’ll never forget that.

Their witnesses were close friends. At the end of the ceremony, the judge invited Christian & Flora’s kiddos to hop on the pulpit. If you’ve ever been to an adoption ceremony, you know this is a VERY rare and special invitation. ♥

CONGRATULATIONS, again to Christian, Flora, and their family! It’s been a couple years now, but this day is still just as (if not more) special with time!

Olympia Courthouse Elopement

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  1. Corynn says:

    The reactions from the kids, so incredible.

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