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The Studio is developing its first ever list of On-Call Models!

If you enjoy modeling as a side hustle, aspire to get into professional modeling, or know someone who does (and is 18+) this post is for you!

What’s the difference between a client volunteering and a professional model?

Professional modeling means you work for the photographer, not the photographer working for you! My studio’s modeling positions will often be last minute and pay $15-$30 per hour depending on what I am practicing that day. I may work for a full two hours and not feel like I got a single usable photo. We are testing new gear and new techniques. Models may be working with just me or Clynn and I.

I have done my research on respecting and working with professional models. Though, I know I still have lots to learn about modeling culture. My goal is to always have my models happy and comfortable. Open communication will be key!

If your goal in signing up is more photos, this might not be for you. If your goal is experience working with a professional photographer, excellent!

I am looking for upbeat and positive professionals with serious endurance! My models need to understand a shot not working out has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me as I sort every light to be exactly how I want it. For this reason, high self esteem is a must!

I’m an Aries Projector (If that means anything to you) so my desire to practice shooting typically arises the day I want to shoot. For this reason, 90% of my shoots are same day notification. If you’re available great, if you’re not, maybe next time!

Most shoots will take place at my studio in Milton, Washington. Check out the tour HERE. We do have back drops & lighting set up now so it looks a little different! The Studio has a private changing room & separate bathroom.

I am developing a stock of dresses for models that will often be clamped up your back if they’re too big. (You’ve probably seen this on “Say Yes to The Dress”) We are open to Male & Female Models.

If you’d like to sign up, use


On-Call Models

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