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Pipe Dreams & New Rings

When I launched SJP September 23, 2015, the biggest dream I could dream was getting paid $1,000 to shoot a wedding. I used the term “four figure wedding” like I was training for the Olympics. Some day, I would get paid “four figures” to shoot a wedding. (In my mind that would be $999 Plus a tip at the reception. I didn’t even have the capacity to push to a $1000 wedding package.) I shot about 20 weddings before I booked my first four figure wedding at nearly $2,000 after prints. I died. We popped champagne. I bought myself this ring to celebrate my first biggest dream accomplishment for SJP. To me it was an accomplishment, and a ring of commitment. I get asked about this cute little ring on my right hand often. I love sharing the story of how hard I worked and how my biggest dreams then, are my everyday life now. Over the next wedding season (my craziest) this little ring reminded me that I was in it for the long run, and I wouldn’t be giving up. Ever.

In 2017 I met my next biggest “pipe dream goal”. But that’s for a new ring a later story. 

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