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Point Defiance Elopement | Alex & Gary



Surrounded by moss, evergreens, and winter promise rhododendrons, SJP documented a Point Defiance Elopement to go down as our first ever official elopement. Joined by second shooter, Bernadette Alicia Photography , not an angle of these precious memories were missed. I used to think a second shooter on an intimate wedding or elopement was completely unnecessary–until I saw what Bernadette brought to the table. Elopements and small weddings leave even more room for a couple photographers to spread out and never be in each others way. Now, I find second shooters for any occasion valuable and exciting. That alternate side angle of your brides maids laughing or the gaze from your groom to you as I document your gaze to your groom makes for some incredibly special side by sides only achievable with two photographers on the scene. If you’re a “High Photo Priority” Bride, definitely consider the benefits of a second shooter/photographers assistant. ♥

About a year ago I documented Alex & Gary’s Maternity and Newborn portraits. Being called back for this wedding was my greatest honor and every photographers dream. Gosh, I could do an entire blog post on the benefits of settling in with “Your Family Photographer”. I feel so connected as an artist to Alex, Gary, Baby Deveaux, and now their entire family! Rather than getting to know them, we got to catch up. Ask about family, postpartum recovery, how the older kids are loving the new baby, what it’s like to be sealing the deal after such a journey as a couple. Alex & Gary didn’t have “A wedding vendor”, they had a friend to document it all. We’ve met for coffee twice, they’re familiar with my shooting and editing style, and we’ve exchanged countless emails, ideas, and updated photos of baby Deveaux!

Alex’s sister, Kelly, Officiated the wedding ceremony with Gary’s son and daughter standing in as witnesses. Alex’s best friend flew in from out of state and everyone else was immediate family! We all stood in a little group on the most beautiful end trail as Alex & Gary exchanged rings and lifelong promises. After we did family portraits, broke for lunch and met back up for bridals with just the bride and groom. We decided to end photos on the water. We saw a baby seal and had a blast as their family watched and laughed up shore. When photos were done they had a family dinner and cut wedding cake at The Spaghetti Factory.

Check out “Albums” in my Instagram Highlights @sincerelyjaclynn to see Alex and Gary’s gorgeous mini 6″ x6″ Wedding Album. Notice Alex’s nod to Gary’s Native Heritage with beaded jewelry and her hand made silk flower bouquet. If you’re reading this Alex (and Gary) thank you so so much for having me and encouraging Bernadette to come too! We had an incredible day with you and your family and I can’t wait to see you again for Deveaux’s cake smash soon!

Point Defiance Elopement


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