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Respect the CEO

Next week, I meet with the boss of my summer editing team. I kind of feel like I’m meeting their pimp. Photographers don’t know their direct identities because if photographers did know them directly I suppose we’d poach them for our own studios…so that makes sense…I honestly might try some day…I know one of them does a better job than the other. Which is something we’ll address.

I’ve made tweaks to their version of my style through a complex feedback form several times and they have improved so much. My company will employ them full time through wedding season. That feels crazy. We still have some training to do…

Sometimes, I sit on my shower floor and count how many people count on me to make a paycheck now. I think of the entrepreneurs who say, “when you support my small business you send my kids to basketball and you put food on our table rather than buying some big companies next summer home.” And I think that’s unfair for them to say.

I am a small company…but even when I’m big, and even now, paying my company puts the food on several families tables. Paying my company puts food in not just two, but at least seven children’s mouths come wedding season.

That feels amazing. crazy. And heavy. I know some day, my company will be putting food on the table for 100 children. That kind of pressure shouldn’t come without a summer house to recover. RIGHT?

Clynn is a big Bernie fan and I can’t stand the way the man talks about people with money and running large companies. There are some things that need to change, definitely. But disrespecting the owners of companies that built empires that employ large percentages of the U.S. population is so narrow minded and frankly rude. They feel the pressure. They’re not Nazi’s. They know a big dip in the market means layoffs for hundreds, historically tens of thousands of families. I’m confident they feel that. They’re human.

A “reliable job” is taking the pressure off of yourself to find income and putting that pressure on someone else so you don’t have to think about it. That’s good. That’s fine. Just know, SOMEONE still feels the pressure you outsourced for a “reliable job”.

Morning Ramblings. Written February 19, 2020

Protecting My Time putting the screens down.
Respect the CEO

Respect the CEO

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