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Alright. Buckle in for some of my best Seattle Commercial Photography yet.

Last month, Purple Mattress contacted me about documenting the opening of their newest store front and first in Seattle, Washington. It was such short notice so I was thrilled to have the morning available for them!

It was a long shoot day for me as I went from documenting their store opening, to their booth at the Husky game, to an engagement session all in one day! I was up for it and Clynn was the best chauffeur through all the crazy Seattle traffic involved with attending a Husky game.

This was such a well thought out game plan on part of the Purple Mattress team. The store opening was just a few blocks from Husky stadium. The same day they opened, fans were shopping in the area wearing all purple. The photos for the store opening almost feel like people dressed up in all Purple for their occasion. So clever!

They had games to win swag and seat cushion giveaways for the first handful of people to walk through the door in exchange for an email address! Those seat cushions were pretty legit, too. People were stoked. There was a line well out the store front before those doors opened!

In Purple’s initial inquiry, they mentioned that they wanted photos of “Dub” at the booth. I had no clue what this was referring to when I agreed. Turns out “Dub” is the actual school’s Husky mascot. The Purple team brought one of their dog beds. Dub took to it happily as fans lined up to have a photo taken with him. He came with 2-3 handlers and tons of fans! He was such a good dog for the event and oh so loved! ♥

I do have to say, my favorite part of the shoot was having vendor access into the football game! My wrist bracelet granted me entrance into anywhere I wanted to get great photos. My camera and I went to the literal highest point in the stadium, and all the way to the field!

While I was at the highest point, the military dropped in via parachute. I was not expecting that at all nor were my camera settings prepared for the occasion. I was very grateful for my wedding experience to guesstimate my settings quickly to get the shot!

Some of my favorite shots are looking down on the parking lot and the band. I had such fun perspectives and total creative leeway. Purple asked me at that point to “document the size of the event”.

Lastly, I knew Purple would want photos back quickly. While the event was still fresh, I returned a 469 image completed gallery to them within 48 hours. My most intense turn around yet! I knew it would be a great experience for me to have. Sports and celebrity photographers often have minutes to deliver images or they aren’t purchased/used. Props to them! This turnaround was crazy.

I was so happy to hear back from Purple the following day. They loved their gallery and were so happy with the coverage!

I look forward to future Seattle Commercial Photography jobs in the future!

If you’re curious, check out PURPLE MATTRESS HERE. Their team is just getting started. They were so awesome to work with & truly believe in their product, too.

For commercial photography, I sometimes release full commercial rights as needed. However, for this project, Purple agreed to share commercial rights with The Studio. Enjoy!

Seattle Commercial Photography

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