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Sister Getaway Mt. Vernon

I was in my office feeling so-so.

This pandemic has been really hard on me. If you follow the blog even a little, that’s no secret.

She called, “what are you doing today?” …… “And what are you doing tomorrow?” …..”Pack a bag. Find an Airbnb. I’ll be there in an hour.”


Sister Getaway Mt. Vernon

This is one my amazing eagle scout of a husband hasn’t quite figured out. Don’t get me wrong, we go on spontaneous trips often! We were just in Oregon last week on a same-day whim! Clynn just likes to spend six hours packing, checking the car, and arranging his affairs before we hit the road. Something I’ve learned to appreciate long-term! I wouldn’t change a thing.

But sometimes, a girl just needs a “we’ll buy anything we forget when we get there” attitude. Deb has it right there with me! We make awesome travel buddies.

We found an Airbnb in Mt. Vernon. I’ll do a review of it next week! I would stay there again in a heartbeat!

Booking the place on the road, we arrived right at sunset.

After settling in, we drove into town for Indian Food! We stayed up so late catching up in the hot tub. Debbi’s life seems to move so fast! If we don’t meet to catch up every couple weeks, I’m totally lost on her goings on. Anyone else have a sibling like this?!

Debbi manages the diets of 40 or so horses, some of which are Olympians. She doesn’t get to sleep in often making sure they have what they need before bed and first thing every morning! Her alarm is often set to 4am and I still sleep in a bed with THREE other humans most of the time so a bed to yourself to get up when you wish is seriously the best treat two young Mommas could ask for!

After sleeping in, I woke up and did some light work. I took my time making french press coffee and enjoying the view from our balcony.

Our Airbnb host left fresh baked apple muffins at our door. Seriously, the best. ♥♥♥

We packed up and drove in to town to see what was open during the day.

Not much, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise! We were immediately drawn to Fortè Chocolates. I walked in and told the woman working the counter that I felt like I was in a Tiffany’s. But for Chocolate.

She lit up, “That is exactly what we are going for here.” BAM! Identifying marketing strategy like a genius.

We chatted WAY too long and even came back for another couple boxes hours later. Their awards are insanely impressive with their founder being known as one of the top ten chocolatiers in the world. I’m a sucker for the masters of any industry!

If you’re ever anywhere near Mt. Vernon, definitely make a stop at Fortè Chocolates.

After a chocolate fix, we went to a place of significance to Debbi. I brought along a dress I had photographed our middle sister in years prior at The Salt Flats in Utah. I’ll share those photos this Thursday!

After shooting those and picking up more Chocolate for home/Clynn we went back home refreshed and reconnected!

I live for little getaways! ♥

Can’t wait for next time, Debbi!

Sister Getaway Mt. Vernon

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