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Site Stats at 100 Blog Posts



A couple of weeks ago I saw that I was approaching my 100th blog post. I started this post as a celebration and it turned into reviewing site stats and setting intentions for moving forward. Still a celebration, but let’s check out my Site Stats at 100 Blog Posts!

It’s been quiet the ride and a steady climb! I am still so in love with this website layout and I am determined to add to it and transform it over the years to go from template to all mine!

I want to add my site stats to this post so I can compare them when I hit 200 posts later this year. I’ve been so embarrassed by my site stats when working with other photographers in WordPress. I was always afraid my numbers would discredit me or make my advice worth so much less. But the truth is, I’m still a 3.5 year old company who never got in the habit of blogging consistently. (To me, that means 3-5 days a week.) I have allot of room to grow this year and I can’t wait to see what happens.

The following numbers are for the life of my website.

All Time Views: 7,592

Best ever views in 24 hours: 161

Search Engine Referrers: 443

Instagram Referrers: 141

Facebook Referrers: 2,042

Pinterest Referrers: 22

My biggest focus over the next few months will be Pinterest, Instagram, and Search Engine Referrers.


Instagram wouldn’t be included but I notice significant improvement when I am consistent and planning out my grid with Planoly. I’ve only ever planned out nine squares at a time a few times. When I have, I was met with 20+ followers and significant increase in engagement each time.

I’ve spent about 3 hours total in Tailwind/Pinterest planning. I’ve put next to no effort into it. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the life of a pin is so long. What do I mean by this? On Instagram and Facebook you put up a post and people see it consistently and engage with it how long? About four hours. Facebook? About 24 hours. Pinterest? MONTHS of engagement. I haven’t even logged into Tailwind in at least a month or two. I’ve put hardly anything up, it’s so easy, and I have consistent engagement on the same content for months…even if it’s only a little.

Side Note/Random Brag: I was also checking out my account info to give to a friend the other day so they could add me to a secret board, and saw that my individual account gets on average 2.4 thousand viewers a month! That’s so much to work with. This is likely the result of me consistently using Pinterest personally since 2011.

I firmly believe organic (non-paid) Search Engine Referrers are what will grow my company the fastest.

This means Google. People searching for a Fine Art Wedding Photographer on Google are most likely to become SJP Couples in my newest price bracket. I still remember the first day I showed up in a Search Engine Result. There were THREE views to my website from Google that day. I called Clynn from my studio I was so excited! These are usually people no where near your “warm market”. People who find me on Google have likely never heard of Sincerely Jaclynn Photography before. Today, I am used to seeing anywhere from 3-10 Google Referrers a day. I would LOVE to see that hit 20-30 by the end of the year.

Feel free to comment on this blog post! I’d love to have some open discussion with other business owners/creative business owners about driving traffic to your website! I welcome your advice, questions, and comments!



Site Stats at 100 Blog Posts

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