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Something that has blown me away is how rare it is to have a supportive spouse in the entrepreneurial world.

Back in my social media days, I would get messages and comments about how amazing it must be to have Clynn support my dreams.

It broke my heart to hear about other women working in moments their significant other wouldn’t notice…so their spouse wouldn’t get resentful or mad. This sounded to me like they almost had to hide their extra curricular’s and their dreams of something more for their future.

At the same time, I know I manifested this. I demanded nothing less than a supportive spouse while searching for who I would marry.

However, I’ll bet you demanded something I didn’t. Something else. There are plenty of things women expect from their spouses that I would never expect from Clynn or him from I. (Example: I see to ALL the car maintenance, am the house “handy-man” if anything breaks, and am the only one who mows the lawn and cleans the kitchen. But, I have a supportive spouse who encourages me to invest tirelessly into my career. Money and time.

My intent for this post is to remind couples what it is that made them excited to seal the deal with their spouse.

Whenever you get upset about something you don’t have in your marriage that someone else has, remember the pros. I’ll bet the things your significant other does do, outweigh the things they don’t do ten fold!

Before the wedding, write down ALL of the reasons you are saying “I Do”.

Understand, that this list will change over time. When times get hard, write a new list. Not in anger, but from a place of gratitude and peace. With a clear mind, remember every good thing and highlight it every chance you get.

Clynn and I have been married nine years. My number one tip for a happy marriage, today? Approach as many moments as possible with gratitude. Don’t just say it. Think about what you’re grateful for until you truly feel it. Then, act on it. Tell them how grateful you are from a sincere place in a way they’ll hear it best.

Supportive Spouse

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