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Heather & Jason | Tacoma Spring Vow Renewal



Nearly two years ago, Heather & Jason sealed the deal in a quick court house ceremony. Heather knew they didn’t have it in the budget to create a full wedding celebration so they opted for the most affordable way to seal the deal with the man she knew would be her forever. They did so in hopes that one day they would have a ceremony or vow renewal for their daughter to have photos to look back on. Little did they know two years ago, that they would apply and be accepted for a stunning Tacoma Spring Vow Renewal with some amazing local wedding vendors looking to stretch their creativity and serve a deserving couple.

The vision for this event started with a facebook group I created known as “Sincerely The Seasons”. This group is dedicated to local wedding vendors and photographers looking to up their game and support one another. When I created the brand for Sincerely The Seasons, I knew I wanted our gatherings to be meaningful. More than pretty details and pretty pictures. If we were going to organize something stunning, I knew we could double wammy the event and use our efforts to gift as many deserving couples in our community as we could.

I posted an account with Honeybook to spread word of this vision and meet more local wedding professionals. It was just a few days before Rachel & Heidi with Lipstick & Lattè’s Event Design contacted me saying they would love to be a part of it! We met up at one of my favorite Cafès in the Georgetown District in Seattle, Wa “The Conservatory”  and hashed out the details! It was so wonderful to meet them, learn about their services, and hear all the talk….BUT….it was at this event seeing them in action that I was committed to adding them the SJP Referral list! I just love the way these two work together. They created a vision and brought it to life in the most beautiful ways. Also, they invest in improvement by taking flower arranging classes, attending local wedding fairs, styled shoots, adding to their decor collection, and keeping their social media updated. You guys know I’m a sucker for valuing steady improvement and consistency. I will rave about Heidi and Rachel all year, I’m sure of it! Go give them some love on Instagram!

My good friend Breanna Snelson was on hair and makeup. She brought her A-Game to this event hands down! Love Your Haiir Co. has been on my referral list since the very beginning of SJP. She was the hair and makeup artist on the job at the very first wedding I ever photographed on my own. We’ve been scheming business growth together ever since! She is my go-to referral for brides and clients who want something more than their every day look, but still want to feel like themselves on their wedding day. She is a pro at elevating your natural features and giving that bridal glow that won’t distract from your gown or pretty eyes. ♥

Ma Boulangerie is my go-to bakery for “I need gorgeous desserts NOW!”….which is more often than you’d think. I simply swung by the morning of the vow renewal and picked up all the pretty things! Definitely give them a swing-by if you every find yourself in Federal Way, WA!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Nellys Victoria stepped in last second as our Celebrant and oh boy did she bring all the perfect words and set the tone for the ceremony! She has decided to start her own officiating business and SJP looks forward to celebrating her journey! Let me know if you’d like her info! ♥

Heather found the perfect Spring Vow Renewal Gown at Brides For a Cause in Tacoma, Washington. This could have not tied in more perfectly with the heart of this event. Brides For a Cause sells donated gowns and donates the proceeds to a variety of local and national women-focused charities. Since 2012 they have given over $570,000 to support women with breast cancer, heart disease, promote positive self image in young women, support women in the military, provide relief for single mothers, and women who are recovering from domestic abuse. About 90% of their net income goes to these charities and I could not be more proud to photograph gowns coming from their local Tacoma Boutique. ♥

Venue: An SJP Fav —  GRLS Studio.

Enjoy all the pretty things, behind the scenes, and touching moments of this tender and PERFECT Spring Vow Renewal with Heather & Jason.

Tacoma Vow Renewal

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