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It’s no secret who I’m inspired by and learn from. Most of you know my mentor is Kylee Ann, Who I gather most of my help and tips from and is my go-to for all (most) things marketing. I am all about my Amy & Jordan Posing course and business/shooting tips. Jasmine Star is my lifestyle inspo and Jenna Kutcher is my cheerleader. Ben Sasso reminds me to shoot whatever the frack I want sometimes and Emma Rose reminds me I’m right where I should be, but can be even more with the right tactics. Jessica Whitaker reminds me to be unapologetically ME and to sync even deeper finding the richness of my personality. Hope Taylor reminds me there are no limits, and Tyler Rye reminds me my ideal clients will come as I show what I want as an artist more and more clearly.

It has taken several years of searching to find “my team” of supporters, inspirers, and rolemodels and there is always room for more in my book.
Take what you love, leave what you don’t. My business and I are a combination of all these people and their businesses. Sometimes leaning more to one than the other from season to season. My husband literally knows all of those names above as if they were my BFF’s.
Think about it. What is the first thing professional athletes do??? They study the masters. Previous gold medalists. They know their biggest pit falls and biggest triumphs.
As a competitive musician growing up, I ALWAYS had “listening Homework” and had to report to multiple coaches on whose work I was studying multiple times a week. Perhaps this molded my behavior here, but there were obvious results when I was listening intentionally to the masters.
If you don’t have some business models/pros to look up to, I strongly suggest you find some! Feel free to look up mine or drop some of your favorites not mentioned below!

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