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Wedding Season 2021



Wedding Season 2021 has been an odd one.

It’s been “busy” in a way I can’t describe. It’s been…discovering the strength of The Studio independent from marketing efforts due to six years of PUSHING every day. I’ve been figuring out nomadic life and preparing it for our second winter on the road. I’ve been focusing on investing and bulking other streams of income.

I think all “non-essential” companies went through a bit of an identity crisis in 2020 and that’s not something we’ll bounce back from over night. I’m here. We’re happily scheduling the right couples for The Studio. I’m prioritizing long time acquaintances, return clients, family, and friends to be gentle on my soul. A new Studio routine will manifest itself because it’s such a huge part of who I am at this point.

However, I’m not rushing the investment after experiencing what we all went through. The Studio is alive and well. We can’t say the same for our world. I feel like I’ve been burnt by a best friend who I’m still wondering if they’ll spit in my face again. I don’t trust the world not to lock down again.

The studio is a beautiful mess of floral arrangement fragments, prints & reprints, batteries, disheveled backdrops, legos to keep the kids busy, half drunk coffee mugs, and dirty champagne glasses.

This week, we prep the studio to close out wedding season. The walls become a pace of cozy heater mornings, books, journaling, and online classes. The world is weird but we’re still taking it hour by hour. My future looks like photojournalism in a war zone, hermit family action shots, or weddings for the NFL. Who knows. You can count on a camera (or two) on these hips either way.

We’re planning to leave Washington for most of the fall/winter months. Going to check out Nevada, California, and Texas probably. We’ll be returning for a few weddings. About one per month. I’ll be accepting bookings around the days we plan to be back for those weddings so reach out to inquire!

Wedding Season 2021

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