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What is Gicleè?



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I’m sure by now, many of you have clicked into your galleries and have experienced a little bit of sticker shock on these prints. You see, they are more pricey than just about anything you can purchase publicly as far as prints go. This blog post, is to let you know why.

There is much that goes into the art of printing. I have an entire blog series planned. For this post, I am just covering the step in the process where ink goes to surface.

I am going to SHOW you the difference. After you see this, there is not much more I will need to say.

Artifact Uprising Print on the Left Deckled Gicleè Print on the Right
Both of these images were taken with the same camera and same lens.

The not so cute but insightful:

Gicleè is french for “to spurt” or “to squirt”.

(For the French, this term also carries sexual connotation…just something to be aware of.)

This paint-like application results in MUCH less visible (if any) separation from detail to detail in the image. This means MORE color, MORE detail, MORE density to your display.

When my first set of deckled prints (available in your gallery shop) arrived, I was not expecting anything different. I was actually expecting to NOT like them. They were a free offer from the “new print company in town” trying to gain professional photographer’s interest (happens often)…turns out they didn’t have to try very hard.

I unpackaged the first one late at night with Clynn sitting at the table. I unveiled just half of the first image and said, “Oh shoot. I’m ruined. What is this? This is UNREAL. What is even happening?!” I showed Clynn and he was speechless. I pulled down some nice prints we had on display from Artifact Uprising (known for being a high quality print seller). Sorry, AU, I love you as a company….but the product PALED in comparison. Literally fell dead. Could not hold a match to our new Gicleès.

Being the investors that we are, we headed for our “loop”. A small pocket sized magnifying glass we use to identify fake trading cards when necessary.

I held the loop up to my standard advertised “high quality” print. Ew. What are all those dots? In addition, I could see so many colors I didn’t intend to be in certain areas throughout the image. I had no idea. Up to the Gicleè? No dots. Seamless detail. Colors exactly where they were meant to be.

Not only were the colors more dense and accurate, but the image itself felt more REAL. They jumped off the page in exquisite detail.

A few more notes to consider:

The average print loses quality after ten years. Even in storage the ink will fade and the paper may crack. The print process provided in my shop, is proven to maintain color and contrast for 100+ years making them truly fine art heirloom pieces.

In Gallery Store Gicleè & Archival Print Products are labeled as:

Layflat albums


Fine Art Albums

Deckled Prints


Gallery Boards

In Gallery “Budget” or Standard Print Products include items labled:

Greeting Cards


Print Packs


When you see the price of truly archival prints, remember what you are purchasing. Pick images carefully. Your prints are slowly and thoughtfully prepared by artisans whose mission is to provide physical pieces of commissioned art for generations of proud display.

Your Archival Prints are designed to be even more of an emotional investment than your couch or car. Which do you think will be around, looking the same as when you purchased it, in 30 years?

I have been in business just three and a half years and have had multiple brides email me saying their wedding photos on display have helped their marriage through hard times. Displaying them is a constant reminder of your love, connection, and promise. It is crucial to the value of your investment. Display them proudly with quality representation! Order something small and see the difference for yourself.

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