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Why I don’t do public Model Calls



Let me let you in on why I don’t do public model calls.

In General, when a non-model volunteers for a model call, it is because the photographer wants to shoot a specific look. They need someone who can appear to fill the roll of their ideal client or shooting scenario.

Often times, the photographer will say they don’t work with real models because they want the practice directing a non-model (or some fancy marketing version of this). This is a great primary reason for a styled shoot and probably the reason it is so popularly seen. It is something new photographers need.

This most often results in a gallery full of images that look exactly like the photographers other images (hopefully with a more relaxed subject having prepared for the practice)…just with more expensive props and new style to the subject…not necessarily the photography. There is nothing wrong with this!

Now, more than ever, that is so rarely why I need to do a styled shoot.

My styled shoots this year, require my models to be present for multiple hours. It requires for them to see me in my worst light as I learn new methods. I may need them to “sit tight” while I re-watch a 20 minute long video. There may be need to run back to the camera shop. Lights will likely be changed four times and my settings 40…for one set. I will get “the shot” (not fifty), then move onto my next lesson. An hour later, I will come back to what I had successfully accomplished to be sure I still remember. I will mess things up then fix them again and again.

In reality, they are very unlikely to receive a gallery filled with beautiful images. There will probably be 15-20 after four hours of work.

The point of the shoot is to do something completely new or challenging. That will take allot of time, and probably a few curse words.

The general public, will not be prepared for this. They will struggle to feel happy and in love having no idea what they signed up for. My model/couple will also probably receive very little in return as far as images go. Though, I will do my best to spoil them in other ways!

For this reason, I will be working with professional aspiring models. I may hand select non-models that will be prepared in what to expect well before the event. Or, I may have a detail to work on that won’t require much preparation on part of my models. For whatever the reason, I will need a very specific fit.

I hope this article is useful to both the general photography loving public and professional photographers. Set specific goals and consider the environment of what you will be practicing. Then, decide if you should find anyone willing, direct message a select few, or hire a professional.

Why I don’t do public Model Calls

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