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I’d like to start this post in respect to the professional makeup artists out there. The ones who artfully mix their own foundations for each unique skin tone. The ones who studied under the greats and poured over the rich history of Hollywood and television makeup. Handing an every day jo-shmo a “contouring palette” is like handing Uncle Bob a fancy camera to photograph your wedding. Many Professionals cringe at the thought.

“Contouring” as we now know it, is not a new trend. It has just become more accessible to the general public. I really am surprised the secret didn’t get out sooner! Both actors and actresses used contouring techniques in red, green, and white tones to create contrast and accentuate their features on grainy black-and-white film long before the Kardashian sisters were born. Before these techniques were dubbed “contour” it was simply known as bronze and highlight. Accentuating your cheek bones with a rich bronze in the hollow of your cheeks and lifting your features with a highlight on the cheek bones.

The act of contouring CAN add 15-20 minutes to your makeup routine when done professionally. In a recent article published by POPSUGAR, a highly esteemed professional makeup artist recommends we skip the 20 minutes in front of our bathroom mirror. Painting stripes on our faces and blending to China with way too much makeup and way too many layers.

“So, if you think that I am going to stripe tribal art all over your face with yellow and gray swatches of color from some weird palette, you are barking up the wrong tree.

I will give you deep beautiful bronze in the hollow of your cheek and a radiant sheen on the high point of your cheekbone. You will look like a bombshell. It will take a mere two minutes.

Embrace your face, people. There is no reason to stripe it up” -Nicole Moleti

This is EXACTLY what I’m trying to teach as a Maskcara Makeup Artist. Pardon our modern terminology to speak to the millennial and tide-pod generation. “5 minute highlight and contour” is how we are translating the simple “bronze and highlight”! We are trying to bring the act back home to “Embracing your face, people”. With one quick layer, we want to lift and accentuate what your Momma gave ya! No more hiding behind a 30 minute routine and 5 layers.

However, we do want to take a lesson from the greats. We won’t claim to do what you can in your 40+ hour a week dedicated profession from a few youtube tutorials on a Saturday afternoon. We WILL find ways to create more dimension, accentuate our natural features, and keep it simple.

As a professional photographer, I will show you how to use your iphone camera better. I won’t hand you a $4,000 camera and tell you to go take photos of your kids…because chances are you will fail or break it. The Maskcara Method of Highlight and Contour is a professional makeup artists way of teaching us to use our iphone cameras to their fullest potential!

So drop the hour long daily makeup routine of too much product and a face that’s not really yours. Drop the ghostly two minutes of one color all over and a little mascara. PICK UP the five minutes to beautiful dimension and accentuation. ♥

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Why Should I Contour?

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