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Wilkinson Thanksgiving



Wilkinson Thanksgiving 2019 was mine and Clynn’s absolute favorite Thanksgiving yet.

I had photo-shoots scheduled for the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. Traveling to family would have made for lots of driving in one day. This would result in not allot of time with family in between. We have local family we could have spent the day with, but with so many photo-shoots, we were looking for a day to spend just us four.

After a delicious breakfast, we decided to take a family stroll through Point Defiance Park. I snagged my little rebel and a 24mm pancake lens (James’ camera set up) to snap a few photos. After at least two hours of walking and exploring the park, we headed back home hungry, full of fresh air, and ready for a night in!

We outsourced almost all of the cooking to Trader Joe’s. They had tons of delicious food with honest ingredients we could heat up to make a full Thanksgiving spread! I love to cook, but on a day off/holiday, I’d much rather spend time playing and watching football than in the kitchen.

The food was delicious and we had a truly picture perfect day. ♥

If you’ve wondered why I have so many more photos of Lio than James in my personal posts, it’s because Lio is the only one happy to stay still for a photo lately. Lio also moves allot slower through life these days so he’s easier to catch in a still-frame!

Wilkinson Thanksgiving

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