Jaclynn Wilkinson


Forest Green Velvet



Closing my eyes, covered in sweat, my focus shifts center then up. She looks over her shoulder at me in forest green velvet so dark it’s almost black. An encouraging but sly smile projecting to me.

It’s time. Buy the ticket. Schedule the Uber. Get on the plane. Get the sister hug. Buy the car.

Take a solo trip that rejuvenates hope and soul.

I’m drinking an Oatmilk latté in the squeaky van that did so well for so long. My gratitude deep. Sayonara his way. Hola my way.

In the airport security line now. Goodbye, current economy. Hello, I’ll pay anything for a mimosa.

I mean cranberry mule & avocado toast. $40. It’s cool guys. Got to pimp my girlfriend’s book to and share some intimate life stories at the bar. ☺️ Yay airport friends.

A little plane in blue Seattle. A full flight of helpless cattle. 🐄

Visited my brother & sister. Had dinner with cousins. Enjoyed extra “miss you 🩷” selfies from girlfriend. Can’t wait to snug her tomorrow. Scouted a casino. Drove 12 hours or so.

And now I’m home, in bed. New “furthest I’ve ever driven solo” under my belt. New car. A more reliable promising tomorrow, perhaps. Filled with sibling and cousin hugs and a reminder my people aren’t as far as they feel.

She gazes over her black glasses. Forest green velvet mini skirt and matching blazer, now. Black silk blouse. She’s gotten back to work and is ready for me to join her…she nods approval and understanding with a hint of hesitation. Get back to work, her aura projects as she returns her gaze to the task at hand.

Yes, ma’am.

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