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Clynn’s Favorite Moment

I sat down to blog today and Clynn sat down in the barstool right next to me. So, I decided to ask him a question and just type his answer. Clynn’s Favorite Moment to capture on a wedding day.

Clynn is my husband and the studio’s second photographer! He has second shot about fifty weddings over the last few years.

“What’s your favorite part of a wedding?”


“The part you never get to see. The bride RIGHT before she walks down the aisle.”

Clynn 1/10/2020

He’s right! After hearing his answer, I am a bit envious. I am always waiting at the end of the aisle to capture the bride walking in! Clynn is always stationed in the back to get the shot of everyone looking at her and the way her train flows down the aisle behind her. This often places him with our bride even when her bridal party has left down the aisle.

“It’s such a unique moment. She’s alone for the first time in weeks. She’s fully dressed and the moment is fully realized. Every one is out there waiting and now, all of a sudden, it’s the moment before the reveal!

Sometimes, her Dad is with her. Sometimes, he’s waiting further away. Often, our Bride’s walk alone. Both experiences are similar, but super unique.

In Hebrew literature, there’s this thing, Chiasmus, where you build a literary structure from the outside in. There’s a point in the middle that’s a critical moment. There’s a mirror on either side where you can see both the past and the future. That’s what this moment feels like.

Almost every time, the Dad asks if she’s ready. He offers to take her away and call the whole thing off. There’s a necessary bubble created. There’s no expectation of execution. She has found Love. They know it. It’s always really quiet. It’s always very nervous but not tense.

It feels like we’re back there for a year. They’re always waiting for a specific moment in a song. A girls wedding day is supposed to be a day she’s totally in control of….which is never the case. Decisions have to be built on other decisions. There’s always the expectation of some things going wrong. However, that moment is supposed to be perfect.

That is the moment she’s thinking of when she buys the dress. When she selects the venue. The moment of walking down the aisle.

One of the most powerful things that exist in this world is the human ability to anticipate. The universe’s ability to anticipate is the driving force which pulls things forward. The idea that half of all humanity is working towards anticipation of this particular moment….it’s in every culture. The reveal of the bride the moment before the wedding.

The moment immediately preceding that, when everything is where it’s supposed to be….weddings get delayed all the time, so that this moment will be right. No one is ever surprised if a ceremony starts late.

That moment. Right before. When everything is in place. So that the anticipated moment is immediately on the horizon, it’s exactly like sunrise. There is a moment, clearly the sun has not risen. And then, a transition occurs. Very very quickly, it goes from you have not turned that corner, to the curtain has been pulled. She is standing and everyone can see her. Her anticipated moment.

Everything for the rest of that day is foreshadowed. That moment is a clear indicator of what a woman wants to be. A whole human life. This is one of the top ten anticipated moments. All of them are important but this one is one of them.

It foreshadows so much of what reality intends to be like. What we intend to make the future look like. Then, she goes forward and makes those commitments to make that happen. I like watching sunrises. You know what I’m sayin?”

Yes, Clynn. I know what you’re saying. ♥

Clynn’s Favorite Moment

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