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Pike Place Market Elopement



I was so excited to tackle this Pike Place Market Elopement with Brittany and Johnathan!

When Brittany and Johnathan told me they wanted wedding portraits at every iconic Seattle location I could think of in two hours I said, “It will be a marathon. But we can do it.”

They were down for the adventure and so was I!!!

We started at Pioneer Square, then moved to Pike Place Market where we hit the iconic Market sign and walked down to the opposite end with the Ferris Wheel/City view. From there, we caught an Uber to Pier 57.

Guess what? We actually did it all in LESS THAN two hours!!! I was AMAZED!

We scheduled to start an hour before sunset, and even started late! I was surprised to hear Brittany say she loved Blue Hour Portraits. I love them too, but so rarely have a couple willing to give me a chance to take portraits in the dark!

The black and white portrait below with these two walking up the steps is one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken. The shadows and highlights are so complex and dream like. It feels like it was pulled straight from real life and embodies Seattle without openly giving away where we were. I could honestly look at it for hours. I just might.

Brittany and Johnathan were childhood sweethearts. By the time they were married they had already been devoted to each other for years upon years. Their families were so familiar with one another. They had watched each others younger siblings go from babies to big kids together. I’m so excited for them starting life in Washington! What a truly exciting time!!!

Congratulations, Brittany and Johnathan!!!

Thank you for trusting The Studio to document your first day as husband and wife and braving all of Seattle in these “so worth it” shoes!!

Pike Place Market Elopement

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