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Rattlesnake Lake Maternity Photos | Caddell Family



Echo & Andrew’s wedding was such a blast! I was so excited to hear back from them when they were ready to document their baby girl. I’ll wait until her newborn blog post to tell you all her name but holy smoke is it a cute one! ♥ Echo’s son, Kyssen, is so much fun to work with! I don’t photograph kids (other than my own ofcourse!) very often so I don’t burn out easy. He’s such a character and pulls the funniest poses and faces for me every time we work together. I love when parents shoot for the nice smiling photo, then release the kiddos to be themselves. After all, it’s those silly photos that are “all-them” that you’ll look back on and remember those early personalities the most. Becoming an older sibling can be a tough transition for allot of kids. I love giving them a chance to be in the spotlight as often as possible to remember this is about celebrating them in their new role, as well.

Isn’t Rattlesnake Lake gorgeous?! It’s so beautiful and serene in the winter and a happening place in the summer. Mountain backdrops are right next to the parking lot. Something I didn’t anticipate were the dozens and dozens of geese who call the lake home. There were at least four different families swimming and walking around. I found them very fitting for a maternity session with all the babies everywhere, but I think we’ll stick to the fall/winter/early spring from now on so they can have their space to mature and fly south!

Congratulations Caddell family! I can’t wait to share newborns.

Here is a link to these TOO CUTE Jessica Simpson Sandals! I can’t wait to see them on baby girl!


Rattlesnake Lake Maternity Photos


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