Jaclynn Wilkinson

Jaclynn Wilkinson



Rolling Undefined



Broken sublimity.

“I am because you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You, are not. I should have heard that.

They weren’t an illusion on my mountain. They were fixed in the sky. A planet with gravitational pull that kept my feet on the ground. A united reality where I slept safely.

A further joke to a perception of independence unformed.

I’ll sleep safely tonight. Growth in definition.

Baby, you’re home. Add more daisies. Breathe deeply.

Perception exists to be challenged. Joy is to be taken. Who took? This is the religion.

The veil remains. You have the tokens. Unconditional desire of was and strength in is…perhaps.

I’ll see you. Fool me twice, the ignominy fresh.

Grow the grotto. Deepen the hollow. Not a painful partition but an encore.

She’ll glisten a warm gold. Frequency too penetrative for others, fills every rift. If not frequency, scent. If not scent, sight. If not sight, sound. A fresh veil fabricates.

They glisten of newness and fragility…not for long.

Rolling Undefined

Grapefruit Pompelini


Eighteen Months Nomadic

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