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Columbia Tower Proposal



I’m so happy my new brother in law got a hold of me to document his and Emelia’s Columbia Tower Proposal.

If you’ve been to Columbia Tower, you know the observatory is one big loop. There is one elevator that makes the trip up. I felt like pink panther hiding in doorways in Seattle. We both arrived at the same time and almost crossed paths about three times. It was a miracle Emelia didn’t see me!!

I had no clue what an event a Columbia Tower Proposal would be. There was a guest gift shop on your way to the elevator. Just to get in the elevator, I had to get MY picture taken. I laughed as I slung my camera that was several generations newer than the one they were using for tourists.

“Okay…take my picture.” 😂 They even had me look to my right and act scared. I think they clip in a Big Foot in post.

It was clear from her reaction when she did see me, that she had no clue I was there.

When I first noticed Emelia, Sebastian, and their son, Avery, I was prepped and ready to go! I noticed Sebastian kept trying to text me to be sure I was in place but cell service up there was keeping us from reaching each other.

I kept trying to peek around the corner or waving like a crazy person while Emelia’s back was turned to let him know I was ready. Eventually, he just mustered the faith or my message went through and he did it!

Emelia was so surprised and Avery was so cute. I’m so happy Sebastian made a point of having him there!

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement, and now marriage! These two are now living in Puyallup with their cute pup, Jixer.

Columbia Tower Proposal

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