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Ray-Ban & The Scam



The story of how I received from Ray-Ban & The Scam that didn’t work out against me.

Let’s talk Metaphysical. A few weeks ago I followed an advertisement to a Hunter Boot sale on Instagram. After spending $125 I quickly realized I had been scammed.

Further research showed people received random crap things in the mail instead of the boots they had ordered. My item arrived yesterday in the form of $150+ Ray Bans. Clynn laughed, “of course you would get scammed and end up with something of more value than what you got scammed for.” I responded, “I’m energetically unavailable to be scammed.” We had a good laugh.

We both believe it’s true, though. Every morning I meditate before going to work. I meditate on what I want that day. Then, I prioritize my day into three goals in order of importance. I tell the universe how much money I need to make that day in order to feel supported and focus on being available for inspired action. Some days I need $1800 to feel supported. Some days I need $13 to feel supported. What I desire energetically feels no different. If my heart truly desires a month of hot yoga or a cocktail with a water front view, I’ve reached a point where those two requests are energetically equal for the greater good. I believe this is a metaphysical muscle I can strengthen. (It began with pennies on a fast food restaurant floor.)

Look inside yourself for authentic desires regardless of advertisement pollution, DNA memory, or social obligation. If you don’t know what you want, this world will tell you what you get. 

With enough practice, even scam artists in China can’t break that barrier to entry.

Ray-Ban & The Scam

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