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This is my first time sharing my Commercial Food Photography on the blog!

Many of you watched and loved seeing the behind the scenes of me working for Doordash! My project managers were all so nice and helpful! I loved working with them. However, I think this last run of restaurants was my last time working with Doordash.

The logistics became pretty difficult as I discovered kinks in the app and lack of consistency with restaurants recognizing when an order was scheduled for pick up one day vs. when I would plan ahead and schedule something for the following day. Often times, they’d make my order at 10:00am when I had scheduled a pick up at 3:00pm…

I think these problems aren’t a huge issue for people needing to place an order or once or twice a month…but as a commercial food photographer working for Doordash, THROUGH the Doordash app, it was not consistent or reliable enough for the project budget they gave me to work with.

Projects all wrapped up and done, I am happy I had this experience. I photographed 3 dishes from about 45 restaurants in Western Washington!

We had specific Commercial Food Photography requirements to meet the Doordash brand. They required specific lighting, specific staging, and specific angles with a little creative discretion encouraged.

Would I ever do Commercial Food Photography again? Yes. Definitely. I learned allot and would be happy to work with local restaurants again.

That being said, I’m not going to PURSUE Commercial Food Photography work at this time. Maybe down the road. Let me know if you’re a local restaurant and are interested!

I think with more flexibility in artistic discretion, and even with these parameters, I could do even better.

Chances are, if you live in the Tacoma/Federal Way/Seattle/Kent/Edgewood area, you will see some of my work if you just open the Doordash app!

I think that’s pretty cool.

Commercial Food Photography

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