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Concealing redness and blemishes is often the first reason people turn to makeup. Knowing the best ways to tactfully accomplish this, rather than slathering on the most product your face can hold, can save you time, money, and keep you looking and feeling like yourself!

My first tip when aiming to conceal redness or blemishes is to understand that a “once size fits all” concealer/foundation may not be your best answer. Especially if you are learning to do makeup for melasma or an uneven skin tone. You may be much better off with two different foundation colors to achieve a more even look. This is part of why I have grown to love Makscara Makeup SO MUCH! Working with different foundation colors to achieve one cohesive look is now my every day protocol…and it’s so fast and easy, you have to experience it to believe it. Send me an email to see if two different highlight colors may be what’s right for you! This is not always the case but often so where splotchy redness is concerned.


My second tip is to be sure you’re working with the right brush! Ever tried to work a Philips screw with a Flathead screw driver? It is not easy and sometimes impossible. Do not try and properly conceal blemishes with the wrong brush! The perfect brush for concealing blemishes is tiny and thin like the bottom end of the one pictured below! Find the one I use HERE!

PERFECTOR SPONGES ARE YOUR BFF!!! Last thing you want to do is walk from your bathroom into daylight and visibly see patches from your second highlight color or powder splotches that were not adequately blended. Be sure to blend out your edges and pick up excess product with a barely damp sponge!

BONUS TIP: Pat or as makeup artists would say “stipple” with your brush over the problem area rather than brush over the area for better coverage! Need an example?! Join my Makeup Facebook group for live demonstrations of “stippling”! Sincerely Maskcara

My third tip is specifically for blemishes/acne! Do you ever find your makeup separates around your problem areas, making it even more noticeable mid-day?! This is because acne releases additional facial oil that will cause your foundation to fall from the area. How to avoid this?! SET WITH A POWDER! Not all over your face, we are not aiming to look “cakey”. Remember, the goal with Maskcara makeup or quick minimalist looks that achieve beautiful results is to only use as much product as you need for flawless coverage. Use your blender sponge or small powder brush to lightly dab and blend a small layer of powder over your highlight (or foundation if you’re not using Maskcara yet!). This powder will absorb the additional oil that area creates throughout the day keeping your makeup in place! Maybe consider a small square compact to throw in your purse/wallet/back pocket for a powder touch-up mid day if your problem areas are extra oily. Still not the coverage you like? Go an extra step by starting with a dab of powder at the beginning of your makeup routine. (Powder, Dab of highlight, Setting Spray, Let Spray Dry, Powder.)

When aiming to conceal redness, look for concealers/highlights/foundations that are less yellow. The highlights in Maskcara recommended for concealing redness are often SunlitWhite Peach, & Amber. Amber is our favorite for melasma!

LOVE your illuminator?! Less is more if you have blemishes in your favorite illumiator locations. Aiming for that gorgeous candle lit glow will only draw attention to your blemishes if you are dabbing illuminator over the top of them. Be sure to work around blemishes when applying this (or similar) product!


Do you have acne in your contour locations?! Begin by spot treating with your highlight/foundation color first! When you go over with your contour, be sure to apply by dabbing and not brushing. You can’t get away with brushing very easily if your goal is full coverage!

Struggling with blemishes? Stick with Matte Blushes vs Shimmer Blushes. Shimmer blushes may act like an illuminator over your problem areas. I recommend Nude or Bare!

(Below Left to right, the first two blushes are Matte, second two shimmer, fourth matte, last two shimmer.)

All-in-all everyone’s skin is different! What works for one person might not be what works for you! The trick is to research ideas and options. Then, experiment a few days with each one until you find what works best for you!


Sincerely Maskcara: Concealing Redness and Blemishes


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