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Under Eye Makeup Tips | Newbie Style



WOAH—What are you doing talking about makeup SJP??? Check out these Under Eye Makeup Tips I’ve gathered as a newbie artist!

It’s a new hobby of mine here in 2018! I joined Maskcara Makeup as an affiliate in January and have been learning so much and having a blast! Check out my makeup shop HERE!

Email me if you have any questions! I am no expert, but I’m pretty good at finding answers. 🙂 That being said, take everything here with a grain of sand! Try out some tips and see if they work for you, if not, keep looking! Everyone’s skin is different and different makeup products behave differently.

Now onto the good stuff! One of my biggest makeup struggles through the years (especially post-baby x2) has been my dark under eye circles. So, I asked all the girls following my beginners makeup facebook group if they would like me to do a video on under eye makeup and the response was a strong YES! Going into asking this question, I didn’t know much, except that I knew I wanted to get better at it. The unanimous interest had me studying and observing professional artists into the wee hours of the night! Here are the most important tips I picked up for under eye makeup:

  1. A good skin care regiment is key to most successful makeup application techniques. Think about it. Makeup can be a form of art and your face? That’s your canvas. You want to prep it accordingly with regular exfoliation, a gentle yet effective cleanser, and optimal hydration/aka face lotion. But my skin is too oily to hydrate! –Your skin may very well be oily because you don’t use a moisturizer. I know, it sounds crazy but your skin is similar to your metabolism. Everyone’s is different, but most behave similarly, on average, at different ages. Starve yourself, and your metabolism will respond by kicking into an urgent fat storing mode when you do eat…not knowing when it will get energy again. Your skin is similar in creating or storing oils to attempt to regulate its self through dirty, dry, and low oxygen conditions. Allow 3-5 weeks for your skin to adjust to any new regiments. This is the skin care line I LOVE! CLICK HERE.
  2. Allow for enough time post-moisturizing before applying makeup! If you apply your under eye makeup immediately after moisturizing, the skin hasn’t had a chance to absorb your moisturizer and it will result in a ton of creasing, separating, and fading under your eyes/in your entire “T-Zone”. Do your thorough moisturizing before bed, and light moisturizing (if necessary) in the morning!
  3. If you are starting with naturally oily or super dewy skin because you don’t have time in between moisturizing and applying makeup, try putting down a layer of Vanilla Dust or setting powder to absorb some of the moisture before applying your makeup. For a little extra help, go over your completed look by pressing the powder into your T-Zone once your makeup is finished!
  4. Use a lighter color under your eyes than the color you are using for foundation or your basic highlight!
  5. The main reason for creasing in eye makeup is using too much product. My solution for this is to start with a tiny bit and add a little more until you are satisfied with your coverage. Instead of using a brush or your fingers, dab your under eye makeup with a makeup blender sponge to blend. Be sure to thoroughly wet the sponge then squeeze out the excess water with a paper towel or towel. The damp sponge will pick up excess makeup while blending. This tip right here has made the BIGGEST difference for me!!!
  6. DON’T LAYER your under eye makeup when it comes to multiple products. People often put foundation everywhere then go back in with a concealer, or do concealer, then go over the entire look with foundation. One product under your eyes should give you the coverage, brightness, or color correction you need without adding too much product that will result in creasing.
  7. Color Correction Vs. Brightening: Are under your eyes green/blue/red? You may want to consider looking into color correction vs a basic brightening concealer/hightlight. This is most common in women age 35+ but can happen with any age or skin type. Some under eye products are designed to color correct vs. brighten. You may find you get better coverage when aiming to color correct vs brighten dark circles.
  8. AND LASTLY!!! A little method I’ve dubbed the “Reverse Contour”. Pull your under eye color up the sides of your eyes to your temples rather than down. The brightness will give your eyes a little extra lift!

Under Eye Makeup Tips

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