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This is both an example of my current bridal editing style, a recommendation for dressing up an engagement session, or dressing down your bridal attire to something a little more whimsical or unexpected. This session, it was me pursuing creativity. At a time when SJP was WAY too busy, and only falling deeper; I packed up my laptop and headed to Alaska.

Now, 9 or 10 months later, I am SO PROUD to say things are finally under control. And I saved these images for this time. When I took them, I didn’t even think I would ever edit more than one or two–when would I EVER have the time?! But I knew I needed to relax. And shoot, just for the sake of shooting. “Maybe someday I’ll go through these…” I thought. I smiled, and put on my photographer voice as the images of 5-6 weddings needing editing danced in my head. It was time to make my model feel beautiful. Time to capture this once in a lifetime location.

I stood in the middle of the valley that holds Eklutna Lake. Pushing 9:00pm standing in broad daylight. These were images that no one was looking for. There were no deadlines, no expectations from any one but myself. SJP paid allot of money for me to be there…purely to pursue creativity and hopefully to pick up some tips from like minded people. I needed rest. I needed to work. But there I stood. EXACTLY where I needed to be all the same.

These images will always remind of a time when I believed to be at my most tired. I fell about ten fold that exhaustion over the few months that followed. They will also remind me of a time I KNEW this business would make it….because I absolutely refused to give up on it. As the other photographers slept I sat across from a woman who worked full time, held multiple Masters & Doctorates degrees, was a mother to multiple children, newly married, worked a photography business on the side, and was working towards another degree! I sat across from her and I hustled my dreams just as hard until the sun set and had risen again…only to stash our laptops for a day of intensive business reflection and long evenings of creative exercise.

I suppose these images are healing for me today. It’s only been three months since I burst into tears clicking submit on my final wedding gallery of 2017….but it REALLY does feel like a year.

These are images of trial.

These are images of hope. Images of young entrepreneurship, error, love, persistence, but most of all. They are a reminder that no matter where you are, you must PURSUE what you love if you want to succeed. To include your work, creativity, your relationships, happiness, and your health.

Top & Skirt: Bliss Tulle

Floral Piece: Alaska Knit Nat

Workshop: Kylee Ann Studios

View BEHIND THE SCENES of this workshop on my previous blog post: Alaska Photography Retreat

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