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Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed | 3 of 90



Day three was another day I thought I would be making up later this weekend. I had a venue walk through scheduled with Fall Bride & Groom, Betty and Sam for 6:00pm and never rush appointments with my couples. An awesome feature of my studio is their five locations. Pay for one, drop in at any of them! The venue was near the Covington Location. A studio I had attended just once before when I was pregnant with Jamie! After the venue walk through, I hopped in my car and looked up their class schedule. The last class was starting in fifteen minutes and I was just 10 minutes away!

I grabbed my gym bag and mat on the way out just in case. I checked into class, changed, and was on my mat just in time! Now, in my opinion, the Covington Location is the hottest of all the HYI studios. I have only been to three of the five, so I could be wrong but the reasoning? It could be mental. The Covington Studio has no windows in the hot room! I think this makes a huge difference.

TIP: When attending a new studio or just starting out, ask which area of the room is coolest. Gauge where you place your mat based off of how adapted you are and how well you know your practice. Even outside of the Hot Yoga Inc chain, the front desk has always responded with the coolest area of the studio. Perhaps somewhere that’s a little more of a “dead zone” from the heaters or by a door where teachers are known to fan some air in mid-practice. On the reverse side, you can also ask about the hottest area of the room! Usually directly under the heaters far from windows or doors. I don’t recommend this unless you’ve been attending class regularly for some time. I will let you know when I take this leap!

Having rushed to class I didn’t start with much of an intention. My mind wandered allot and the class was really hard as a result. Balance was off but I did it! I could tell my body was more adapted to the heat as I only missed two postures. Standing Stick and Rabbit. My first Hatha I missed about half of the standing series. Again, Camel is so rough but so important. I pushed hard through it which resulted in missing Rabbit. I’ll get there!

Something the Instructor said that stuck with me:

“Control Your Mind, Control Your Life.”

Challenge Day: 3

Number of Classes Attended: 3

Hatha: 2

Vinyasa Flow: 1

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