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Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed | 8-10 of 90



It’s no secret My favorite class at Hot Yoga Inc. is Hatha.

Class 8 was AMAZING. I sweat more than any other class I had been to thus far, I completed every single posture, AND I placed my mat in a much hotter spot in the studio. (Furthest from doors and windows with the MOST hot being directly under the two main heaters. Inching closer!) I had eaten just the right amount of food at just the right amount of time before class and arrived very hydrated. It was amazing. My intention was “I am Confident”.

Class 9 was great. Another Hatha class in the same mat location (The far right corner of the Federal Way Studio). I had to take a couple of breaks and missed half moon and one or two other postures. I was wobbly but okay. It is really interesting to see how different your body can be from day to day. Your diet during the last 24 hours can take a huge toll on your practice.

Class 10 was INTENSE. My very first Barre class. I had made the assumption that we would be holding onto the bar the entire time and working lower body–joke. It’s a full large muscle group exhaustion class. We started with abs, then arms/back, legs, and glutes. My stomach was not empty enough and I came close to passing out/puking a few times. It’s funny, I arrived thinking it would be all legs/glutes and didn’t even make it to that part of the work out. Today, my arms and abs HURT SO GOOD and my legs are pretty much the same.

An awesome side effect of hot yoga (for me atleast) is I instantly begin craving foods that nourish my body. It wasn’t until Day 8 that I even craved something that would be considered junk food (Specifically Trader Joe’s caramel filled milk chocolate). What’s interesting? Up until Day 1 of this challenge I was eating like total crap. Using any other exercise regiment, I would go through a grueling withdrawal from processed sugars for the first 2-3 weeks. For some reason, Hot Yoga sets me right on track with healthier foods. Let me know if you’ve experienced something similar! I think all the sweating makes it easier to detox unhealthy cravings!

YAAY!!! I made it through my first 10 classes!

(Photo of the exact Rosè responsible for a rough Class 9.)

Challenge Day: 15

Number of Classes Attended: 10

Hatha: 6

Vinyasa Flow: 3

Hot Barre: 1

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