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Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed | 6-7 OF 90



Oh boy was yesterday rough! First day back to the hot room after FOUR days off. Clynn and I went camping for memorial day weekend and I had two photo sessions the times I would have typically gone to class. I had four classes to make up. So, I decided to attend two classes back to back last night. Hatha followed by Vinyasa with about 15-20 minutes in between.

The Hatha class was great. I wished it was hotter. I can change that with where I place my mat in the room. Perhaps I’m ready to move in further from the window. I made it through every posture. My least favorite posture yesterday was Half Moon. Something about this posture is extra difficult for me to balance in.

I wondered if my vinyasa would be a wasted effort after exhausting myself in Hatha but I surprised myself! The teacher was amazing for class two, the speakers went out, and we did power with no music which worried me at first since I get so much energy in power from the music. I tried some new balancing postures and the entire flow was so unique from what I’m used to in Vinyasa. The teachers name was Lola if you’re curious to try a unique flow you can check for her classes on the schedule!

I have three more classes to attend to be caught up! I plan on catching up one of those classes this Sunday.

Challenge Day: 10

Number of Classes Attended: 7

Hatha: 4

Vinyasa Flow: 3

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